University of Notre Dame


1931 Mar. 15
Margaret, Sister: Memphis, Tenn(essee)
 to Paul R. Byrne: Notre Dame, Indiana

Sister never knew Brother (Ira B.) Dutton personally, but wrote to him for Sister May Pius Fitzpatrick, who helped to instruct him. Ever since Dutton has been writing at intervals. Sister has a printed letter dated July 29, 1926, and one on September 8, 1928. She also has some books, one of them autographed and a copy of the Sheboygan Wisconsin Press of June 15, 1925, with an account of Dutton's life and work. In getting out a history of St. Agnes Academy, Sister asked Dutton for information concerning his reception into the Catholic Church. She is enclosing this letter and other letters. Sister Aloysius and Sister Hycainth knew Dutton and corresponded with him for years, but their letters were borrowed by the Jesuits at Spring Hill (Alabama) and never returned. Sister asks that her letters be returned to her as she wishes to keep them in the archives of Saint Agnes Academy. (In the Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C. collection.)

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