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1940 Jan.

Jesuit Bulletin, The Chicago Province

Vol. IV. Number 4 of the Bulletin, containing a 5 page sketch of Father Francis X. Weninger, S.J., written by Father Murtha J. Boylan, S.J. Concerning his life and studies the account is accompanied by pictures of Weninger and of his tomb at Florissant. Also in the paper is an article by Father Robert E. Manning, S.J. entitled A Century in Cincinnati with pictures of St. Xavier's College in 1840 and in 1940. The article in of four pages in length.

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1940 Feb. 19
Gerow, R(ichard) O., Bishop of: Natchez, Miss(issippi)
 to Father Thomas T. McAvoy, C.S.C: Notre Dame, Indiana

In reply to McAvoy's request for information about Father (Ghislain Joseph) Boheme: There are in Natchez several letters to Boheme from Bishop (William Henry) Elder and from Boheme to Elder, but they are merely routine. The enclosed references contain about all the information available about Boheme. In a letter of Elder to Boheme which Gerow quotes, Elder praises the work of Boheme, who was held in high regard.

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Entitled "Boheme, Rev. G.J." from the "Necrology of the Diocese of Natchez". in the handwriting of Bishop Elder. The entry is dated 1862, June 23 and tells of Boheme's death near Ashland, Virginia on the camp of General Stonewall Jackson. Boheme was born in Belgium at Wannabecy, April 3, 1803, ordained 1832, joined the diocese of Natchez, 1843. The account describes his work until he joined the Confederate troops at the age of 59, about April 25, 1862. There is quoted also a passage in a letter of Elder to Bishop (John) McGill Aug.4, 1862 about the death of Boheme which says that the body would be sent to McGill. In another quotation from a letter of Elder to a lady, dated September, 1872, Elder describes Boheme's founding of the church of Saint Michael at Paulding, Mississippi and his departure for the war.

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1940 Mar. 13
Paré, Father George: Grosse Ile, Michigan
 to Father Thomas (T.) McAvoy, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

Paré has forgotten what McAvoy told him about the baptismal register of Father (Ghislain Joseph) Boheme, whether it was of L'Anse Creuse or Monroe. According to Parés recollection Boheme was involved in a scandal in L'Anse Creuse, (Michigan). There is a letter in the Notre Dame Archives from Blanc (Gerow) about Boheme dying in the tent of Stonewall Jackson. Paré will get to Notre Dame some day for a long chat.

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1940 Oct. 1
Ohio, Toledo
Cathedral of Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Program of consecration of the altars of the Cathedral by Archbishop Amleto G. Cicognani, Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop (John T.) McNicholas, O.P., Archbishop (Samuel A.) Stritch, and Archbishop (Joseph) Schrembs. Pictures of Cicognani and Bishop Karl J. Alter, of Toledo. Gives order of procession, commentary on the consecration of the altars, assistants at Mass, hymns, musicians, and radio commentators.

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