University of Notre Dame


1944 Feb. 26
(Swantek), S.S.J., Sister Clarence: Nazareth, Michigan
 to Father T(homas) T. McAvoy, C.S.C.: Notre Dame, Indiana

Sister Clarence encloses the long promised summaries of the letters of Bishop Peter Paul Lefevere to Father Francis Pierz (from the letter books in the chancery office in Detroit.) Some of the information is quoted directly but she thinks she has noted all the important information.

- A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. -


13 half pages and 2 full pages of typed notes from the letters of Lefevere to Pierz.

- Typed notes - 2pp. - 8vo., - 13pp. - 16mo. -

III-2-m - A.L.S. - 16pp. - 8vo. and 16mo. - {3}