University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1720s

1720 Jan. 1

Paris, (France)

A note for ten pounds. The names of Granet, Giraudeau, Fenellon, Bourgeois, and Durevelt are also printed on the note. (In the New Orleans papers.)

IV-4-a Printed Note (French) 1p. 32 mo. 1

1726 May. 23

Coquet, Michel notary of the Duchy Pairie de Brissac, and Urbain Versille king's notary of Angers (in France).

Mathieu Davy, baker and Francoise Martin his wife on the one side lease to Nicollas Renaud, winedresser of the parish of Concouroon on the other side the income of property situated at a place called Les Charnaux in the said parish of Concourcon, May 31, 1726.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)