University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1730s

1732 Apr. 26

Ramus, (______), royal notary of Angers (in France).

Michel Tessier, merchant farmer and Francoise Martin his wife living at Brissac, cede to Gilles Beaumont, laborer, living at Concourconproperty situated at a place called Les Charnaux in the said parish of Concourcon. Copy of the lease of this property made before Michel Coquet, notary of the Duchy Pairie de Brissac and (Urbain) Versille, royal notary, May 23,
1726 was given to Beaumont.

IV-d-a A.D.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)

1735 Jul. 17

Henry (Nicolas) clerk
(Jean Baptiste Lemoyne de) Bienville
(gov. of Prov. of Louisiana)
(Nicolas Chauvin de) la Freniere Philippe, Superior of the
Chastang, (Francois)
Alexandre, (Viel, Bernard)
Dreux, (Pierre)
Voisin, (Pierre)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Resolution: Mr. Chastang former churchwarden proposes that a new churchwarden be chosen to succeed Mr. Alexandre whose term has ended. Mr. Voisin was chosen.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

1736 Feb. 17

Chantalou, (clerk, Augustin)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Jean Paul Le Sueur, Captain of the Infantry and the Marine deeds to his brother-in-law Joseph (Chauvin) Delary eight arpents of land one league and a half from New Orleans and between the land of Messers Francois Sirvais de Belisle (Bellile) and Jacques Hubert Belair in exchange for twelve arpents of land located at Collapissas which he gives to their common niece M'd'lle Catherine Chauvin de la Freniere daughter of Nicolas Chauvin de la Freniere, Counselor in the Superior Council of the province and his wife Marguerite Le Sueur. Done at New Orleans in the presence of Paul Balcour and Louis Hugont. (Nicolas) Henry, notary.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

1736 May. 2

Oliverius Card.

Decree of Clement XII granting plenary indulgences to men making retreat of five days in establishments or guest house of Capuchins, French foreign missioners apostolic in infidel territories and the conditions for gaining the indulgences. On the document is a badly mutilated note in French dated May 15, 1736 of Joseph Digne, Counsellor to the King, Archivist, consul of France in Rome.

IV-d-a A.D.S. 3pp. 8vo. (Latin)

1736 Jul. 8

Philippe, O.M. Cap., Vicar General and cure
Morissett, (Louis)
Bienville (Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de), governor of the province of Louisiana
Salmon, (Edme Gatien) first judge of the superior council of Louisiana and procurator general of the King
Fleuriau, (Francois)
Chastang, (Francois)
Dreux, (Pierre)
Alexandre, (Viel, Bernard)
Volsin, (Pierre)
Henry, (clerk, Nicolas)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Sieur Muriel Monsett received the plurality of votes over Sieur Raymond de St. Martin Jauriquibery for the office of church warden to administer the funds and to give faithful account of the house of the Grand Vicar of the bishop of Quebec, Monsett was immediately installed and promised to execute his duties according to the mandates of 1667 and 1670.

1736 Dec.

P. Philippe
P. Pierre (O.M.) Cap.

Accounts rendered as former churchwarden are examined by Salmon, commissioner of Marine, first judge of the Superior Council and procurator general of the King, and the churchwardens. Other business concerning the property of the church.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo (French)

1737 Dec. 13

De Louboey, (Henry) Chevalier
Avignon, (Claud Reynaud)
Tarascon, (______)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Part of a list of those killed by the Natchez at that post as well as at the Yazoos.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 3pp. 8vo (French)

1739 Jan. 6

Salmon (Edme Gatien) Controleur of the King, Commissioner of the Marine, Ordinateur and first Judge of the Superior Council of Louisiana.

Noyan, (Gilles Augustin De)
Morisset (Louis)
Chastang (Francois)
Henry (Nicolas)
Du Breuil, (Joseph) Villars
De Morand (Charles)
Mathias, (of Sedan) Vic. Gen.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

DuBreuil is elected churchwarden in the place of Morisset (wholesale merchant of N.O.) and the next year he is to take the place of De Morand.
Jean Baptiste Gauthereau was chosen to teach the children of the parish.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)