University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1740s

1740 Jan. 3

Salmon (Edme Gatien) Commissioner of the Marine, Ordinateur and first judge of the Superior Council of Louisiana

De Morand (Charles)
Chastang (Francois)
Morisset (Louis)
Fleuriau (Francois)
Voisin (Pierre)
Alexandre (Viel, Bernard)
Du Dreuil (Joseph Villars)
Henry, (clerk, Nicolas)
Father Pierre CAP.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

(Raymond) St. Martin de Jauriquibery is elected to be churchwarden in place of Sieur de Morand in the presence of Sieur de Salmon of Monsieur Chevalier (Henry) de Louboye (Louboey), lieutenant of the King in the province of La. of Monsieur Fleuriau, procurator of the King, in the presence also of Messieurs Du Breuil, de Morand, Chastang, Voisin, and Morisset, churchwarden of Sieur Alexandre former churchwarden. Next year Jauriquibery is to take the place of Sieur Du Breuil Villars and he is to solicit and collect the funds for the parish church and presbytery according to the decision of Nov. 2, 1738, which shall be 50 sols per negro and according to the wealth and position of those who have no slaves. At New Orleans in the presbytery.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

1746 May. 24

Broutin, Ignace (engineer)

Vaudreuil, Pierre Rigaud Cavagnol, governor of Louisianna

Le Normant, Sebastien Francois Ange, first judge of the superior Council New Orleans, (Louisianna)

Lay out of the land given for church and presbytery in New Orleans. (A note makes special mention of a) plot donated by Francois Fleuriau. (Another note, undated, states that this) document is in the charge of Carlos Trudeau.

A.D.S. 2pp. folio (French)
Attached to 1791, June 30.

1747 Dec. 31

Charles (Rambervillier) Father, Superior of the Capuchins
Father Charles
Father Mathias (of Sedan O.M.Cap.)
Darby, (English gentleman) Jonathan
Prevost (Jean Baptiste)
De Morand (Charles)
Chastang (Francois)
Morisset (Louis)
Dreux (Pierre)
Jauriquibery (Raymond St. Martin de)
Voisin (Pierre)
Raguet (Jean Baptiste)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Extract from book of Resolutions of parish of St. Louis, year of 1747

In obedience to the regulation of Messers (Pierre Rigaud Cavagnol de) Vandreuil governor and (Sebastian Francois Ange) Le Normant commissiaire general and Ordinateur of Province of La. dated Jan. 14, 1747, a meeting of churchwardens, former churchwardens and notables was held Dec. 31 to decide on means of assigning the pews of the church in accordance with the regulation according to which pews cannot be assigned in perpetuity nor for less than three years at a time. The matter of allocation of pews was proposed by Jonathan Darby and Sieur Prevost churchwardens with consent of Fr. Charles acting pastor and of Monsieur Raguet counselor in the Superior Council acting as procurator general. It was decided to auction the pews on Sunday Jan. 7, 1748. Extract signed, Fr. Charles. Certified by (Marin) Lenormand. List of the purchasers of the pews and the prices they paid.

IV-4-a (copy of) A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)