University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1760s

1760 Jan. 27

Father Dagobert, (of Longory, O.M.Cap.
Aunoy (Charles Guy Fauvre D')
Songy (______)
Cantrelle (Jacques)
Guinot (______)
Darby J(onathon)
Duerot (______)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)
Minutes of the meeting

Father Dagobert pastor of St. Louis at New Orleans, (Louis Alexandre Delaunay out-going churchwarden and Cantrello, churchwarden entering office propose names of three persons and ask the assembly to choose a successor to Delaunay and an aid to Cantrelle; also they ask the assembly to deliberate on misuse of church funds by (Claude Joseph Villars) Du Bruell contrary to the decision of Nov. 2, 1738.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

1761 Nov. 16

Bauduceau (______) royal notary
Danger J. (______)
Saumur, (France)

Gille Baumont, laborer of the parish of Concourson leased to Francois Tellier day laborer of the parish of St. Pierre de Verche the income but not the ownership of a "Boisseler de vigne at the clos des Noels."

1761 Nov. 25

Bauduceau (______)
Duval (______)
Vulle (______)

Part payment made on Nov. 25.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)


(Fauvre D') Aunoy certifies that the expenses made by Louis Alexandre Delaunay, churchwarden for the church of St. Louis of New Orleans for the years 1758 and 1759 total 6741 livres, 18 sols and 9 deniers. Names mentioned: Father Sebastian, pastor; M. (Charles) Le Sassier; Sieur (______) Songy; (______) Francois, first beadle of the parish; Madame (Ignace) Broutin; Monsieur (Jacques) Cantrelle, churchwarden; Monsieur (Charles) Demorand; Father Dagobert; Sieur (Gilbert) Maxent.

IV-4-a A.D.S. 6pp. 8vo. (French)

1762 Nov. 9

Nelson, John
New York, (New York)

Sight craft for two hundred pounds from Messrs. Thomlinson, Hanbury, Colebrooke, and Nesbitt, merchants in London, to John Nelson. The payment was transferred to Charles Norris, who, in turn, transferred payment to Rich(ar)d Pike. The check is signed by Cha(rles) W. Apthorp.
I-1-d Check 2pp. 16mo.

1763 Jul. 6

Moore, Samuel Preston
Philadelphia, (Pennsylvania)

Sight draft for one hundred pounds to be paid to Samuel Preston Moore, to be charged to the Province of Pennsylvania. The merchants in London are John Sargent, George Aufrere, David Barclay, junior, and John Barclay. The names James Wright, Mahlon Kirkbeide, and Charles Norris are signed on the face side of check. On the reverse side of check, payment is transferred to Charles Norris, who in turn, transfers payment to Elias Blundorord.
I-1-d Check 2pp. 16mo.

1764 Feb. 11

Le Bretton (Le Breton, Louis Cesaire), Counsellor of the King in his court of monies in Paris, (Lord of Bassan, Charmeaux, etc.)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Jean Jacques Blaise D'abbadie, Directeur general commandant pour le roi in La.
New Orleans

Le Bretton has land behind New Orleans at a place formerly called des Sauvages Colapissas having on one side the settlement of Sr. (Joseph) Desruisseaux and on the other it extends to Chapitoulas (Tchoupitoulas) to the settlement of M. (______) Chalbert. Most of this land formerly belonged to the deceased M. (Nicolas Chauvin) de Laffreniere (Lafreniere) father-in-law of the petitioner which land was one of the parts of the inheritance made to Sr. Francois Chauvin de Laffreniere (Lafreniere) one of his sons, who being dead left as heirsM. (______) de Laffreniere (Lafreniere) and (______) Le Sueur and Mesdames (______) Duhamel and (______) Le Bretton his brothers and sisters who sold this land to the petitioner on Nov. 3, 1751; the rest of this land consisting of 12 arpents which had belonged to the deceased Laffreniere (Lafreniere), Le Bretton obtained on May 3, 1750. Le Bretton's right to all this land is shown by certificate of (Bernard) De Verges, royal engineer and the concession given him by Mon. (Louis Billouart Chevalier de) Kererec, governor, (Jean Baptiste Claude Bobe) Desclozeaux, commissary general, and De Verges on Oct. 6, 1757. There is on this land a tongue of land which could be drained and made to lend pasturage to the cattle which now are starved not finding food as far as the Cannes Brulees and many are being killed by runaway negroes.

1764 Feb. 14

Amelot, (______)

Certifies that the land in question is burdened by no previous grant and may be granted to Le Bretton. New Orleans.

1764 Feb. 15

D'abbadie to Le Bretton

Grants the land in question subject to pay seigneorical dues if they ever are established in the colony also to supply whatever wood may be necessary to construct magazines and other works for the King and finally to give the land necessary for roads and fortifications. Countersigned (______) Duverge

IV-4-a A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)

1764 Sep. 1

Garic (Jean Baptiste) clerk of the Superior Council of Louisiana
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Extract of the minutes of the Superior Council of La.

The registry on demand of (Nicolas Chauvin de Lafreniere) attorney general of the king of the letters patent of the King (Louis XV) dated July 31, 1763 at Complegne concerning the Apostolic prefects together with the letter of the Duc de Choiseul first lord of the Admirality and secretary of state concerning the same letter. These letters are to be published throughout the colony. Copies are also sent to the Capuchins and all missions of the province.

IV-4-a (Extract of) A.D. 2pp. 8vo. (French)

1769 Mar. 15

Foucault, Denis Nicolas acting ordinateur and first judge of the Superior Council of La.
Garic (Jean Baptiste) notary
New Orleans (Louisiana)

Extract of the registers of the minutes of the Superior council of La.

Father Dagobert (O.M.Cap.) Vicar General and first pastor of St. Louis parish of New Orleans plaintiff against Jacques Voisin former infantry officer and executor of the will of Sr. Raimond Touandet called St. Martin. The Council orders Voisin to pay to Dagobert from the estate 5000 livres for the poor and the stipends of 12 high Masses and 100 low Masses for the soul of St. Martin according to the will of the testator.

IV-4-a (Extract of) A.D.S. 4pp. 8vo. (French)