University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1806

1806 Jan. 29

Tisserant, Father J.S.
Elisabethtown, (New Jersey)

to E(lizabeth) A(nn Hayley) Seton
to the care of Andrew Morris
New York, (New York)

This month began with contradictions and yesterday he experienced one of the worst. He was in New York and was obliged to return without spending one moment with her as he came and returned with Mr. Belasise. He had to spend the three hours with a Frenchman of distinguished family whom he knows and who is connected with Father (Francis A.) Matignon and Bishop (John) Cheverus. On arriving in New York this Frenchman had to be taken to the hospital and Tisserant had to sacrifice his wishes. Tisserant asks how Seton's sister (Cecilia Seton) is and why he has had no news since the letter of January 2. He does not think Seton would believe that he would be indifferent to her. Cheverus would surely have supplemented and ratified what Tisserant sent word about two weeks ago and so she could be less troubled about what is required of her in this affair. Tisserant learned at Ce(?) Barclay's house that Mrs. (Eliza) Sadler was much better. Tisserant intends to go to New York Saturday evening or Sunday morning and if presence can have any influence on the person he spoke of, perhaps he will stay several days. Today is the feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron of those drawn to the Church. This day also recalls their friend Cheverus who by his zeal, his talents and virtues seems to have modeled after him. Tisserant hopes Seton will remember him in her prayers as she promised; she is to embrace her children for him. In his situation he needs special grace.

II-1-a A.L.S. 4pp. 4to.

1806 May 20

Neale, Bishop Leonard
George Town, (District of Columbia)

to Ja(me)s Barry
Washington City, (District of Columbia)

A bill for $170 written by John McElroy for board and room for William (Seton 3) and Richard Seton at Georgetown College. (Neale writes his note at the foot of the bill): The balance is to be paid to the College clerk, McElroy. Neale invites Barry to dinner next Sunday. (On page 2): May 22, 1906, McElroy receipts the bill paid by James Barry and Barry acknowledges receipt of $170 from Mrs. (Elizabeth Ann Bayley) Seton on July 4, 1806. (Page 3): Bishop (John) Carroll has paid $200 to the College for his part of the sum due for the two sons of Mrs. Seton in the course of two years. Neale asserts that his agreement with Mr. Felicchi (Antonio Filicchi) was to take the boys at $150 each. By reference to Art. 2 of the prospectus it will be seen that in lieu of bed linen, school books, etc. student is to pay $10 entrance.

II-1-a A.L.S. 4pp. 4to,