University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1808

1808 Feb. 3

Cheverus, John
Boston, (Massachusetts)

to Mrs. (Elizabeth Seton)
New York, New York

Her letter of Jan. 12 did not arrive "til last night." Its New York postmark is of Jan. 26. Had it arrived sooner he would have answered it immediately. Father (J.S. Tisserant reports himself well in his last letter, of October 8. In his letters dated July, August, and September, he says he intends to return in spring. But Cheverus has faint hopes of seeing him unless the United States remains at peace and the war continues in Europe. This will make Tisserant's position in England unpleasant and prevent his visiting his sisters in Germany as he intended in case of a general peace. Tisserant speaks of her and her sister in all of his letters. Had Cheverus known she had not heard from Tisserant in so long, he would have written that news sooner. If he hears anything definite about tisserant's return he will write immediately. He has a letter from Mr. (Patrigio) (Fili(c)chi), dated Leghorn, Oct. 3. Since receiving it Jan. 20 he has intended to write her. He asks her pardon and quotes her "Brother's" words: that Mrs. Seton, writing July 1, says she has received news of him through the children. The distance and Precariousness of the mails makes him disinclined to address his friends. He sent his last letter in June to his sister, Mrs. Seton at New York. He asks Cheverus to write her for him. Cheverus will write Filicchi when the opportunity arises. Both he and Father (Francis A.) Matignon give their compliments to her and her children. Matignon has rheumatism. He himself is in good health. He prays God to preserve her children till they enter the Church. He hopes, but doubts, that he will see the day. When she sees him "one of the heroes of her evening stories will shrink into a little ordinary man." He is glad her Pastor is her friend and advisor.
P.S. She is to give Mr. Morris and her sister his compliments.

II-1-a A.L.S. 3pp. royal 8vo.

1808 May 2

Du Bourg, Father W(illiam)
Balti(more), (Maryland)

to Mrs. Elizabeth Seton
N(ew) York, (New York)

He has just written "at large" to their Bostonian friends submitting to them "the scheme" which engrosses him. Should they approve, he wants Mrs. Seton to come "hither" in two or three months to rent a new-built house which suits all his and her ideas "at least during the first year." This would give Mrs. Seton sufficient time to reflect on the propriety of the building, the spot, and the plan. He and his girls wait for her arrival.
(Side notes): The rent would be about $250 (sic) per annum.
P.S. He asks her to give his respects to the Fathers (Louis) Sibourd, and (John) Byrne and to the Alomys family." ("Presented by Rt. Rev. Mg. Seton."

II-1-a A.L.S. 1pp. 8vo.