University of Notre Dame

Calendar: 1810

1810 Dec. 5

W(illia)m Du Bourg (Father)
Cape Henri
to Father Simon Brute
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Du Bourg sends this word to his little brother (Brute) before setting out. Eight days have passed in the bay, like a dream, without boredom as though in time of trouble, but also without merit for heaven. God knows how much of it he will allow them yet to pass on the ocean, if it is necessary to try to make better use of it. He asks Brute to pray for him, since God will accept his voices because of the charity animating them. He asks Brute what other thing could make his brother of concern to him. These will obtain for him filial fear and love of God and zeal for his glory and for his own sanctification. Beside this a little rheumatism cannot do great harm. In this regard he finds himself better. The pains are still felt, but more moderately and extenuated. For this as for the rest he exhorts that they do what is in order and without presumption or despair, and leave to God the success. He commends his children to Brute. He will find confirmation, first communion, renovation of spirit finished on his return and will be obliged to Brute for having repaired his negligences and inactivity and fulfilled his task. Brute will not free himself of difficulties, tardiness and thoughtlessness and even of the corruption of some. He will pray for Brute, them, and himself, and hope that his voyage will be for the general and individual good of all and the glory of Christ. They should be united in His Sacred Heart always every day at 3 o'clock. He asks Brute to express his friendship to Father David, Babad, Porquiet, Joubert, and to quicken for him the dear children he has given to his charge and never cease to repeat to them the "what does it profit" of the Master. He is setting out into the immensity.

II-1-a A.L.S. (French) 2pp. 8vo.

(1810)? (Dec. 5)?
(Flaget, Benedict Joseph) Bishop of : Bardstown

A sacred poem inscribed of Bishop Flaget, first bishop of Bardstown, on his arrival in his diocese.

II-3 - A.D. - (English) - 2pp.