University of Notre Dame

Calendar: Undated Documents: A


A(_______), A(va) V(_______) West Lynn, (Massachusetts)

to Enid (_______) (Boston, Massachusetts)

Ava received Enid's letter and hopes she has benefitted by the change. Ava has moved across the street to Mrs. Rogers. Ava will go in town to see Enid. They can lunch at Garrison Wall. Dorothy (_______) has come for a visit. Ava trusts Jack and Ruth and baby new are all right.

X-4-j A.L.S. 4pp. 16mo. 3


A(_______), A(va) V(_______) (West Lynn, Massachusetts)

to Enid (_______) (Boston, Massachusetts)

Their letters must have crossed. Ava will be going in town shortly and all write that they may meet. Ava is anxious to hear all the news.

X-4-j A.L.S. 2pp. 15mo. 2

(_______) (_______)

A.E.(_______), R. Georgetown, D.C.

to (James Alphonsus) McMaster (New York, New York)

The writer had intended to continue writing on "State Right", but fears he might be too dry on that subject. He does not know whether the enclosed is any better, but ends it in the hope that something better may be elicited next week. He urges McMaster to return or reject it if there is anything wrong.

I-2-h A.L.S. 1 p. 32mo. 1


Agnella, (C.S.C.), Sister M. Washington, D(istrict of) C(olumbia)

to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Hudson's card was received at Easter. Sister was greatly upset over her brother's death and could not write letters for a while. Father (_______) Connors' friends, Mother Cecilia and Father Lawrence from Georgian Court are visiting there and they went to the National Shrine to Mass this morning. This afternoon they went to see "My New Curate" dramatized by the St. Mary's Industrial School of Baltimore. Tonight the Catholic University Glee Club boys sang there.

X-4-j A.L.S. 4pp. 12mo. 1

(_______) (_______)

Agnella, (C.S.C.), Sister M. (Baltimore, Maryland)

to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana

Sister is in Baltimore visiting Sister Concessa. They saw Lorraine Dorsey a few days ago, a relative of some of her relatives.

X-4-j A. Card S. 2pp. 12mo. 2


Agnes, O.S.U., Mother M. St. Joseph, Kentucky

Mother Agnes is very thankful for the beautiful Ecce Homo which Hudson sent through Sister Rose Lima. She asks Hudson to write his own message on the back of another card just like this, with his blessing, name and date and send it to her. If Sister Rose Lima's health permits, she will be at Notre Dame for Summer School.

X-4-j A.L.S. 1p. 4to. 1


Agneze, (C.S.C.), Sister M(______) Washington, D(istrict of) C(olumbia)

to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Sister thanks Hudson for the picture of the "Little Flower." Sister needs the Divine Assistance more than ever this year.

x-4-j A. Card S. 2pp. 32mo. 1


Alcott, Bronson (______)

to (______) (______)

-"Orphic Sayings" by Bronson Alcott on "Reform", "Magnanimity", "Experience", "Charity", "Doomday", and "Inspiration".

(In the Orestes A. Brownson's papers.)

I-5-d (manuscript) 2pp. 12mo. 1

(______) May 27

A(llen), G(eo) (______)

to Orestes A. Brownson (______)

Allen writes that he has been indisposed; this has accounted for his delay in sending in his articles. He says that the convent mentioned deserves all that he said concerning him. He will have about half a page on Lincoln's Horace by Saturday. He wishes that he were in good health because he has some ideas on Horace and would like to be able to develop them. Brownson's Dusseldorf prints came yesterday, since his had not arrived yet, he took the liberty of opening Brownson's package. Allen then explains a devious way by which Brownson might get some prints he has wanted.

1-3-d A.L.S. 4pp. 12 mo.

(______) Sept. 18

Allen, Geo. (______)

to Orestes A. Brownson (______)

Allen notifies Brownson that he has received two of the Duesseldorf "Religiose Bilder." He asks Brownson for directions in the disposition of these articles.

I-3-d A.L.S. 1p. 16to. 1

(______) Nov.

Allen, J(oseph) H, (______)

to O(restes) A. Brownson Boston, Massachusetts

Allen is open to conviction on the validity of Catholicism as he is on any fair topic of debate. He reminds Brownson that once Brownson said that there is a greater similarity between his faith and Catholicism than any other protestant religion. This similarity is based upon unity and the large number of varied peoples it embraces. Allen then proceeds to explain a few of his beliefs.

I-3-d A.L.S. (Incomplete) 2pp. 4to 1

(______) (Mar.25)

Ancilla, Sister (______)

to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.) (Botre Dame, Indiana)

Every nun who received a picture of the Holy Face is deeply grateful. Mother said, "It was worth taking you to Notre Dame, just to meet him." Sister Louise has made three meditations on it. The story of Margaret Sinclair delighted them. Sister knows how much Hudson must like the prayer for her beatification.

X-4-j A.Card S. 2pp. 32mo. 1

(______) (Apr.20)

Anderson, Mrs. W(illiam) M(arshall) Circleville, (Ohio)

to James (Alphonsus) McMaster (New York, New York)

She has received a letter from Mr. Anderson in Havana, who has not yet told her to address him in Mexico. She asks McMaster to send the enclosed letters for her through the French consul. She forwarded two notes to McMaster, but he was obliged to be absent at the time, and consequently Mr. Anderson never received them although he remained in New York some time. She will be grateful if he sends the present letters, so that they may reach her husband. She encloses fifty cents for postage. P.S. Anderson is visiting W(illia)m Allen at Fruit Hill, (Ohio) and she will return to Circleville within two weeks.

I-2-h A.L.S. lp. 16mo. 2

(______) (Oct, ?)

"Auditor" (______), (______)

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

The mission at St. Augustine's Church in Brooklyn (New York) will terminate Sunday night Oct(ober) 8, (______). The night lectures, conducted by Father (Arnold) Damen and Father Coghlan, drew large crowds. Many Protestants were received into the Church and many neglectful Catholics received the Sacraments. The two priests, assisted by four others, will open another mission at St. Patrick's Church, Brooklyn.

I-2-h A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 5