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(______) (______)

(______) Eagan, Dr. (Dennis)

Excerpts from Dr. Eagan's lecture on unwise patriotism, the endurance of the Irish race; there are three Irelands today. (Philadelphia Newspaper).

I-1-e Newspaper Clipping 2 columns folio 0

( No Date ) (______)

(Edwards, James F.) Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

Professor Edwards describes a visit of President Harper, Chicago University and Hon. Frederick Fish of South Bend, to Notre Dame University. He reports conversation between the president and himself. President Harper could not understand how the plant existed through self-sacrifice of the Congregation in charge of the University, never having come, evidently, into close contact with Catholic institutions. He was amazed and got information from what he saw and heard.

X-1-a A.mss. (unsigned) 3pp. 8vo. 1

(No date ) (______)

Edwardsm Higb

to Messrs. Cantrell & Co.

He asks the price per gross of the pint bottles of Superior Ginger Ale.

XI-1-a A.L.S. 1p. 8vo.

(______) (______)

Egan, Maurice Francis Notre Dame, (Indiana)

to (Austin E.) Ford (New York, New York)

He cannot tell Ford how deeply he is moved by Ford's kind words. He has no desire to go abroad, but is anxious to live his life quietly. The (New York) Freeman's Journal of Mar. 25 has a hundred improvements which he was never able to give it. He asks to be remembered to Ford's father.

I-1-k A. Calling Card S. 2pp. 32mo. 1

(______) (______)

(Egan), M(aurice Francis) (______)

to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

May Egan suggest that Hudson send short extracts to the press occasionally. Editors do not like to cut a magazine.

X-4-j A.L.S. 1p. 16mo. 1

(______) (______)

(Egan, Maurice Francis) (______)

to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

(A post card with a picture of "Dawn") by an Icelandic sculptor. The troll is a giant by night, a rock by day.

X-4-j A. Postcard 1p. 12mo. 1

(______) (Thursday )

E(gan), M(aurice) F(rancis) (______)

to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

It was such a relief to get a couple of quiet days for work that he concluded to stay there. His proofs, Berlioz's books, are giving him much trouble. He will bring Les Annales marked tomorrow, and also a poem. What does Hudson think of the letter Egan encloses? (no enclosure)

X-4-j A.L.S. 1p. 8vo. 1

(______) (______)

E(gan), M(aurice) F(rancis) (______)

to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

The necessity of frequent visits to Dr. Richardson--Egan finds himself seriously threatened through the effects of the hay fever--delayed his work. Robert and Katherine Johnson and John Burroughs were here yesterday. Burroughs is a lovely old man. Egan sent him an "Ave Maria". Love to Father Cavanaugh.

X-4-j A.L.S. 2pp. 16mo. 1

(______) (Jul 4)

Egan, Maurice F. South Bend, Indiana

to H(enry) F. Brownson (Detroit, Michigan)

He heard that Brownson has taken the initiative for a Catholic Congress. Egan suggests that a man from the Catholic press be asked to give a paper on that field. And before asking Judge (Edmund F.) Dunne to give a paper, Brownson should consult Bishop (John) Moore.

III-3-h A.L.S. 4pp. 12mo. 4

(______) (______)

(Egan, Maurice Francis) (______)

to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Egan trusts that Hudson will not make any difference in relations with Mrs. Egan and the children. Gerald made his first Communion on Sunday.

X-4-j A.L. Unsigned 1p. 32mo. 1

(______) (______)

E(gan), M(aurice) F(rancis) Brooklyn, (New York)

to Father (Daniel D.) Hudson (C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Will either of these proofs do? Hudson should write or telegraph at once. A better impression cannot be gotten. The printers are waiting for Hudson's answer.

X-4-j A.L.S. 1p. 32mo. 1

(______) (______)

(Egan,) M(aurice Francis) South Bend, Indiana

to (William J. Onahan Chicago, Illinois)

Egan has two lectures on Tuesday and as his time is so short, he is obliged to remain (at Notre Dame.) Father (Thomas E.) Walsh and Father (John A.) Zahm go to Peoria on Monday; they will be in Chicago on Thursday. He has a great deal to talk over with Onahan. Mollie (Mary Onahan?) never acknowledged his sonnet. Onahan should be particularly kind to Augustin Daly. a great friend of Egan's, and one of the most generous and best of the Irish Catholics. He thinks of Onahan every day, they will not see enough of each other until eternity dissolves the distance between them. Wednesday and Thursday are his free days.

IX-1-g A.L.S. 2pp. 12mo. 5

(______) (______)

E(gan), M(aurice) F(rancis) (______)

to W(illiam) J. O(nahan) Chicago, Illinois)

Onahan is right about the paper; he will have it postponed until October. He did not like the picture, but then all of the current school matters with portraits seem out of place. But then they are not up to date on these things. He shall see Onahan in a day or two.

IX-1-g A.L.S. 2pp. 16mo. 1

(______) (______)

E(gan, Maurice Francis) (______)

to (William J. Onahan Chicago, Illinois)

She (Katherine E. Conway) is right, but Egan does not think women known only in Catholic circles ought to be avoided.

IX-1-g A.L.S. 1p. 16mo. 2

(______) (Wednesday)

(Egan), M(aurice Francis) (Washington, District of Columbia)

to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Egan has been prevented from writing by the grippe. It also has prevented him from taking Father (William A.) Maloney, (C.S.C.) to Old Point-he is not well. Egan can sympathize with some of Hudson's invective better than he once did. He will see Hudson this summer. The friends of the "Ave Maria" seem to be legion here. Egan encloses a letter from Homer Martin's wife (no enclosure). They have all been very anxious about (Thomas Henry?) Carter. There is a remote possibility he may get into the Cabinet. (Theodore) Roosevelt and (Matthew) Clay are for him. Financially he had better be out of politics, but he is a great help to Catholics politically. Socially, Washington is delightful for cultivated Catholics, but in the Congressional sense, they are beaten every time. It is due to the lack of thought Catholics give to essential political facts, and narrow, local views. With the right men they might have the Indian appropriation and a modus vivendi in the Philippines.

X-4-j A.L.S. 4pp. 16mo. 4

(______) (______)

Egan, Mich(ae)l D. (______)

to Father (Simon Gabriel Brute (______)

Egan does not understand the note that Brute has sent him. He is not conscious of offending Brute or being offended by him. Brute's conduct of Thursday shocked him but did not offend. If he has offended Brute he asks pardon. He admits that he is proud and asks prayers that he may be more humble.

II-3-n A.L.S. 2pp. 12mo. 1

(______) (Apr.6)

Elder, William Henry, Archbishop of Cincinnati, O(hio)

to Father D(aniel) E. Hudson, C.S.C. Notre Dame, (Indiana)

A(______) S(______) Muller, formerly a Lutheran minister, sends Hudson an article which Elder thinks is interesting and serviceable. He asks that it is given fair consideration. Elder thinks Bishop Maes of Covington wrote either to the Provincial or President about Muller. At present Muller is at Elder's house looking for occupation.

X-4-j A.L.S. 1p. 8vo. 2

(England) John Bishop of: Charleston, (South Carolina)
 to  Father (Simon Gabriel) Brute: (Mt. St. Mary's Emmitsburg, Maryland)

England is greatly mortified to have to give up his intention to go to St. Joseph's to dinner. He has prevailed on Miss Ogier(?) to say that she will accompany him to Charleston and unless he executes his determination of carrying her away she will abandon her intention. He therefore asks Brute to excuse him to the Sisters. He cannot express his disappointment he feels at being so near without seeing them. God alone knows when Brute will meet again.

II-3-o - A.L.S. - (English) - 1p. {12mo.} 1

(______) (______)

(______), Enid Boston, (Massachusetts)

to (Father) Dan(iel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Aunt Dorothy is on again and trying to make a go of it to stay with Aunt Ava. She came on two summers ago but when she tried to run Ava, Ava made it impossible. Ros(?) being married, Dorothy is trying again. Of the two, Ava has the keener mind and larger heart. Since Aunt Elizabeth's death, Ava has always turned to Enid. Uncle Sam is well although his wife has chronic rheumatism. D(orothy) looks well but Enid thinks it came hard to share her one ewe lamb. Enid's brothers and their families are all well. Mother died around the twenty-first of October.

X-4-j A.L.S. 4pp. 16mo. 3