University of Notre Dame

Calendar: Undated Documents: G

(______) (______)

Galvan, Miss (______) Rice, Miss (______) Augusta, G(eorgi)a

to Henry F. Brownson (Detroit, Michigan)

Brownson will see by the enclosed circular that they are about to have a "Catholic Fair" for the benefit of St. Patrick's Church. They are in charge of refreshments and have been directed to appeal to Brownson for some assistance. They ask his prayers as well.

III-3-h A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 2

(______) (______)

G(ibbons), J(ames), Archbishop of Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

Archbishop Gibbons thanks (McMaster) for his his papers, which are timely.

I-2-h Note on card. Signed with initials.

(______) (______)

Gorman (?) R(?) O. (______). (______)

to James A(lphonsus) McMaster (New York, New York) Maguire is in town. Where is he?

I-2-h A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 1

(______) (Apr. 7)

Granger, (C.S.C.), Father A(lexis) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Granger never relished the idea of separating the Confraternity from the "Ave Maria." He feels the new plan will kill the Confraternity (of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart of Mary) and possibly injure the "Ave Maria." It must necessarily look strange to people to see here two publications on the Blessed Virgin in opposition, as it were. He wishes some means be taken to have the bulletin of the confraternity connected with the "Ave Maria," as the Provincial General is expected soon. The enclosed letter just received is but the expression of what Granger heard before (no enclosure).

X-4-j A.L.S. 2pp. 12mo. 2

(______) (Mar. 28)

Gregory, S.J. Fr. W.F. St. Francis Xavier's College N(ew) Y(ork, New York)

to (______)

If (______) calls at the college in about two weeks, they will be able to furnish a portrait of Father (James B.) Becker.

I-1-f A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 1