University of Notre Dame

Calendar: Undated Documents: J

(______) (______)

James, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. (______), (______)

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

A wedding invitation, requesting McMaster's presence at the marriage of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. James to Henry G. Pearson, on April 20, (______) at the Church of the Holy Trinity. (4 name cards enclosed).

I-2-h Printed 1p. 16to. 2

(______) (______)

Jannet, Claudio (______)

to (Henry F. Brownson Detroit, Michigan)

(Beginning of letter missing) The number of La Reforme Sociale will point out the existence of a very important group of Catholic Economists, disciples of Le Play. Jannet is surprised that Brownson does not know this man who is so influential in Europe and whom Brownson's father admired so much. Jannet is sending a book containing his biography and some extracts of his works. Jannet thanks Brownson and Mrs. Brownson for their hospitality and sends greetings to his daughter and to his son, so resolutely seeking his fortune in industry as Jannet's son is doing in agriculture. Jannet will be in the country until September 8; afterwards he will travel extensively. Around October 19 Brownson could reach him at the Catholic University at Washington in care of Reverend Hogan and about October 20 in New York. His respects also to Reverend Van Dyck whose kind invitation he regrets he cannot accept.

III-3-h A.L.S. (French) 2pp. 8vo. 1

(______) (______)

Jarvis, Mrs. (Samuel Farmar) (______)

to (Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley Newark, New Jersey)

A calling card.

II-2-n Card 1p. 32mo. 1

(______) (______)

Johnston, Katie Fedamore, (Ireland)

to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.) (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She got some linen that touched the head of Ven erable Oliver Plunkett. It has been known to cure cancer, so she hopes it may do Hudson's eyes good. It would do Hudson great good if he came to Fedamore for a time, not to say anything of the good it sould do F(ather Richard) O'K(ennedy). She thanks Hudson for the "Ave Maria" prayer-book. (A piece of linen is enclosed.)

X-4-j A.L.S. 2pp. 16mo. 3

(______) (______)

Jones, Patrick (______), (______)

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

He hopes McMaster is well and happy, and looks forward to seeing him at Cooper Institute where he is giving a lecture on May 12. He asks McMaster to give him one or two more notices, for he plans to make the "Poets of Ireland" pay yet. He will go to Philadelphia next.

I-2-h A.L.S. 1p. 32mo. 1

(______) (______)

"Junius" St. Paul, Minn(esota)

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

In a letter intended for publication, the writer explains that though he has read many times in the Freeman's Journal of the progress of Catholicity in various parts of the country, he feels that nowhere has the growth been as marked or as rapid as in the Northwest. Sometime ago he wrote McMaster of the consecration of the Catholic church of the Assumption, now he writes of Christmas services in another church in St. Paul, one which is not yet completed. He speaks also of the construction of an industrial school for boys.

I-2-h A.L.S. 5pp. 12mo. 2