University of Notre Dame

Calendar: Undated Documents: V

(______) May 1

van der Erden, S.J., Father A (______) G. (St. Louis, Missouri)

to H(enry F. Brownson Detroit, Mich(igan)

Brownson's letter found him in Nebraska, but he did not return by way of Omaha otherwise he would have called to see Henry's daughter. Brownson should send a copy of the pamphlet to the anti-Masonic Society in Philadelphia. Brownson could also use the cover to advertise the Works, or defray expenses. He would like to see more from Brownson's able pen.

III-3-h A.L.S. 2pp. 12mo. 1

(______) Jul.10

van der Erden, S.J., Father A(______) G. (St. Louis, Missouri)

to H(enry) F. Brownson Detroit, Mich(igan)

He sends a check for copies of the lectures "Equality & Democracy". He leaves next week for San Francisco where he will meet their mutual friend, Father (______) Frieden who has invited him to give some missions on the Coast.

III-3-h A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 1

(______) (______)

Van Gennip, Father John F. (______)

to (Henry F. Brownson Detroit, Michigan)

He has remitted the interest on the mortgage of Jeremiah O'Connor from the latter part of March, 1882 until he shall give notice of the contrary to the

III-3-h A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 2

(______) (______)

Van Rensselaer, S.J., (Father) Henry Woodstock College,M(arylan)d

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

He relates his experiences among the Spokane Indians at St. Michael's Mission in Washington Territory during Holy Week. The Indians, numbering about 200, are devout Catholics, and the Holy Week ceremonies were colorful. St. Michael's Mission is not far from Spokane Falls, the headquarters of the Jesuit Mission of the Rocky Mountains, of which Father (J. M.) Cataldo, (S.J.) as superior. In all this region the supply of priests is far below the demand for them.

I-2-j A.L.S. (Mss) 4pp. 4to. /

(______) (______)

Verdiere, C. (Paris, France)

to Orestes A. Brownson (______)

Father Bellinger during his visit to Paris asked him to send a copy of his first work on Protestantism to Brownson to make it known. It will serve to correct the teaching and studies on that point of history. Persons coming from America speak of the interest Brownson has taken in his work.

I-3-d A.L.S.(French) 1p. 12mo. 1

(______) (______)

Visitation, Sisters of the Mount de Chantal (near Wheeling), W(est) V(irgini)a

to (James Alphonsus McMaster) (New York, New York)

A circular letter informs parents what girls attending the Academy of the Visitation must wear, and what equipment they must have. To this is added: a note written by the Directress of the Academy revising and explaining part of the regulations.

I-2-j Printed form letter (and note) 4pp. 12mo /

(______) Dec. 27

Volker, James A. New York, (New York)

to (James Alphonsus) McMaster (New York, New York)

Volker is giving McMaster two stories he has translated, which, he knows, will fit the Freeman to a "T." The first he is sending with this letter, the second will follow within a week at the farthest. He wishes McMaster a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I-2-h A.L.S. 1p. 12mo. 1