damnatio : condemnation.

damno : to condemn, damn.

damnum : loss, damage, injury / a fine:

dapifer : senescal.

de : (prep. + abl.) down from, from, concerning, about.

debello : cnquer, vanquish / end a war

debeo : to owe, to be morally bound to, to be bound by.

debilito : to weaken, ennervate, sap, exhaust.

debitum : debt

decens, decenter : properly, fittingly, suitably

decentia : propriety, decency of behavior

decerno : to decide, determine, settle / to decide to do something

decerpo : to pluck off / to gather, take away

decertatio : a contest, contention

decerto : to contend, fight to the finish

decessio : a retreat, withdrawal / departure, leaving / decrease, diminution

decessor : someone who retires / a predecessor

decessus : retirement / withdrawal / departure / death

decet : it is seemly, comely, suitable, proper

decido : (-cisi -cisum) to cut down, cut off / arrange, settle

decido : to fall down / fall dead, die / sink, fall

decimus : tenth

decipio : (deceptus) ensnare, trap, beguile, deceive, cheat.

declamatio : loud or violent speech / declamation / practice in oratory

declamo : to declaim, orate / speak loudly

declaratio : a clarification

declaro : to explain, explain, reveal / to proclaim (a person as chosen)

declinatio : a turning aside / declining / avoiding / inflection, declension

declino : to turn aside, deflect, turn away / avoid / deviate, swerve/ digress

declive : (-is) a slope, decline

decoctor : a spendthrift, bankrupt, a fool parted from his money

decollo : (-are) to behead

decolo : (-are) to trickle away

decolor : (adj.) pale, without color

decoloratio : discoloration

decoquo : (-ere, -coxi, -coctum) to waste / become bankrupt

decoquo : (-ere, -coxi, -coctum) to boil down, boil away / (metals) melt away

decor : beauty, grace

decoro : beautify, embellish, adorn.

decorus : beautiful, graceful, charming, proper, fit, becoming

decrepitus : infirm, decrepit

decresco : to decrease, grow smaller

decretum : decree, judgment, edict, order

decumbo : to fall, fall into, lie down

decurro : to sail downstream

decurro : to run down / manoeuver / run in a race / take refuge

decursio : (milit.) a charge, manoeuver

decursus : a running down / charge, manoeuver, attack / completion of a course

dedecor : unseemly, shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable.

dedecus : shame, dishonor, disgrace, crime, dishonorable act.

dedico : to dedicate.

deduco : to lad out colonists, found a colony.

defaeco : to cleanse, purify, purge.

defendo : to defend, ward off, protect, shelter.

defero : to hand over, carry down, communicate, offer, refer.

defero : to carry, to bear, to bring

defessus : weary, tired.

defetiscor (defessus) : to grow tired, weary.,

deficio : (defectum) to fail, to weaken, to be in want.

deficio : weaken, to be in want.

defigo : fasten down, secure, fix firmly/ concentrate, fix upon.

defleo : to bewail, weep for.

defluo : to flow away, disappear, be lost.

defluo : to flow down, waste, disappear.

defungo : to discharge one's duties, quit, retire, die, finish

degenero : to be unlike one's kind, fall off, degenerate.

degenero : to cause to degenerate, disgrace by degeneracy.

degero : to pass time, live.

degusto : to taste.

deinde : adv, afterwards

deinde : next, then, thereafter, from that place.

delectatio : delight, pleasure, enjoyment.

delecto : to attract, delight/ (pass + abl) take delight in.

delego : to transfer, commit, assign, impute, attribute, ascribe.

deleo : (deletum ) to destroy, wipe out, erase.

deleo : blot out, erase / annihilate, destroy.

delibero : to consider, deliberate.

delicate : luxuriously, delicately, slowly.

deliciae : allurements, charms, delights, fancies / sweetheart

delinquo : to fail, be wanting/ fail in duty, commit a crime.

deludo : to mock, cheat.

demens : (dementis ) insane, mad, out of one's mind, foolish.

demergo : to sink, plunge into, dip under, go into debt.

demitto : to let down, lower

demitto : set dowwn, let fall (to offer payment to the church).

demo : to take away, subtract.

demonstro : to indicate, show, describe, explain.

demoror : to loiter, linger, tarry, belay.

demulceo : to stroke down, caress by stroking.

demum : at length at las, finally.

denego : to refuse, deny, reject.

denique : at last, finally, again, in short.

dens : (dentis ) tooth.

denuncio : declare, give notice, announce.

denuntio : to announce officially, pronounce, declare.

denuo : anew, again, a second time, afresh.

deorsum : downwards.

depereo : to perish, be utterly ruined.

depono : to put down, lay aside.

depopulo : depopulor : to lay waste, ravage, devastate.

deporto : to carry off, to take away.

deposco depoposci : to demand.

depraedor depredor : to plunder, lay waste, pillage, ravage.

deprecator : intercessor, one who pleads on behalf.

deprecor : to entreat for, beg for / intercede / curse.

deprecor : to beg by entreaty, to excuse oneself / curse.

deprehensio : detection.

deprimo (depressus) : to press down, depress, low-lying.

depromo : to take down, produce, fetch out.

depulso : push aside, thrust away.

deputo : to count, estimate/ prune, cut off.

derelinquo : to forsake, desert, abandon.

derideo : to laugh at, mock, deride.

derigo : [-rexi, -rectum] to set straight, put in order.

deripio : to tear down, snatch away.

deruptus : broken off.

desero : to leave, abandon, foresake.

desiderium : wish, longing / regret, grief / want, need.

desidero : to long for, wish for greatly, to miss.

desidiosus : lazy, unmotivated.

designo : designate, define, describe, mark out

designo : to define, describe, designate

desino (desiit) : to leave off, give over, cease, stop, desist.

desino : leave off, give over, cease, stop, end, desist.

desipio : to act foolishly, play the fool, make an ass of one's self.

desolo : to leave desolate, abandoned, to forsake.

desparatus : given up on / desparate.

despecto : overlook, dispise, look down upon.

despero : to be without hope, despair / despair of, give up.

despero : to have no hope, despair, give up.

despiciens : contemptuous.

despicio : to look down, regard from above, despise.

desposco : to demand.

destinatus : resolute, firm, determined, with one's mind made up.

destino : to fasten down, make fast, fix / determine settle / appoint

destituo : to place / leave in the lurch, abandon,

desum : defui : deesse : to fail, err, fall short, be missing, absent.

desumo : to select, elect, choose, take out.

desuper : from above.

detego : detectum : to uncover, lay bare, disclose.

determino : to fix the limits of, set boundaries to, delimit.

detineo : hold off, hold back, detain.

detrimentum : damage, loss, detriment.

deus : god.

devenio : to come to, arrive at, reach.

devito : to avoid.

devoco : to call away, call down, call aside.

devotio : (Christian) piety, devotion, zeal.

devoveo : to consecrate, sacrifice, devote / curse, execrate.

dexter : right, on the right.

dextera : the right hand.

diabolus : devil, Satan.

dico : (dictum ) to say, tell, speak, name, call, pronounce.

dictata : things dictated, lessons, presents.

dictator : dictator.

dictito : to say often, reiterate.

dicto : to say often, dictate, get written down.

dictus dictus : a saying, a speech

didicerat : (?) Herimann, p. 281.

didico : to be told (Herimann cap. 39, 44).

dido dididi didtum : to separate, divide, distribute.

dies diei : day

diffama :tus : spread around, made known.

differo : to spread news / delay, defer, postpone.

differo : to spread about, spread news / harrass, disturb.

differo : to delay, postpone / to differ, be different.

differtus : stuffed full, crammed, jammed.

difficilis : difficult, hard, troublesome.

difficultas : difficulty, need, trouble, distress.

digestor : arranger, composer, one who makes a pattern.

dignitas : merit, worth, prestige, dignity.

dignosco dignosco : to distinguish, recognize as different.

dignus : worthy

dignus : (+ abl.) worthy, worthy of, meritorious.

digredior digredi digressus : to depart, deviate, digress.

digressio : separation, departure, digression.

digressus : separation, departure, digression.

dilabor, to break up, scatter, dissolve, slip away, fall apart.

dilato : to spread out, extend, expand, increase.

dilgenter : attentively, earnestly, carefully, diligently.

diligens : diligent, careful.

diligentia : diligence, industry, perseverance, persistence.

diligo : to choose out, esteem highly, prize, love.

diluculo : dawn, daybreak.

diluo : (of troubles) to remove, resolve.

dimidium : half.

dimitto : to break up, dismiss, leave, abandon, leave behind.

directus : plain, simple, direct, open, straightforward.

diripio : to separate, tear apart / pillage, devastate, lay waste.

diripio : to tear in pieces, lay waste, devastate, plunder.

dirunitas : long duration.

diruo : to demolish, destroy, ruin.

diruo : to destroy

dis : rich, possessing wealth or worth.

discedo : (discessum ) to break up, depart, go away, pass away.

discedo : to depart from, deviate, leave

discerpo : to dismember, disjoint, sever / divide, break up.

discessio : f, management, ordering, direction

discidium : separation, division, disagreement, tearing apart.

discipulus : disciple, student, learner, pupil.

disco : to learn, become acquainted with.

discrepo : to differ, to be diifferent, vary, disagree.

dispono : to arrange, put in order, draw up (troops).

disputatio : debate, dispute, discussion.

disputo : discuss.

dissero : to examine, treat of, discuss.

dissimilis : unlike, different, disparate, dissimilar, distinct.

dissimulo : to conceal, disguise, keep secret.

dissimulo : to ignore, leave unnoticed.

dissolutus : lax, weak, wanting in energy, dissolute, profligate.

distinguo : to separate, divide, distinguish, punctuate, point out, decorate.

distraho : (associations) to break up, dissolve.

distraho : (persons) estrange, distract /(property) sell up, alienate.

distraho distraxi distractum : to pull apart, pull in pieces.

distribuo : to distribute, divide.

districtus (f. distringo) : strict, severe / hesitating / busy.

distulo : (past) to delay.

dito : to enrich, make wealthy.

dito : to enrich, endow, make wealthy.

diu : adv. a long while, long time, for a long time.

diu : by day, for a long time, a long time ago.

diutinus : lasting a long time, enduring, long-lived.

diutius : longer, too long (a period of time).

diuturnus : lasting a long time, of long duration.

diversus : different, unlike, opposed, hostile.

dives : rich, opulent, wealthy.

divinatio : prediction, divination

divinitus : divine influence, admirably, nobly, by inspiration.

divinus : divine, sacred.

divitiae divitie : riches, wealth.

do dare dedi datum : to give, offer, convey, offer, donate, furnish.

doceo docui doctum : to instruct, teach, tutor.

doctor : teacher.

doctrina : doctrine, teaching, instruction, learning.

doctus : taught, instructed, learned, tutored.

dolens : painfully.

doleo : to suffer pain, to be pained, grieve.

dolor : pain, grief. misery, pain, suffering.

dolose : slyly, deceitfuly.

dolosus : crafty, cunning, sly, deceitful.

dolus : fraud, deceit, guile, treachery, a trap.

domesticus : domestic, civil.

domina domna: lady, mistress.

dominatus : rule, mastery, tyranny, domination.

dominica : demesne.

dominus domno : master, lord.

domito : to tame, subdue, break in.

domus : house, home, residence.

donec : up to the time when, until, as long as, while.

donum : gift, present, donation.

dormio : to sleep, slumber, siesta, nap.

dubito : to doubt, hesitate.

dubium : doubt, hesitation, reservation.

duco : to lead, draw, esteem, consider.

duco : to charm, influence, mislead, draw in.

duco : to draw, shape, construct/ (time) spend, delay.

duco : to calculate, count, reckon, esteem, considered.

duco : to lead on the march, marry a wife, command.

dudum : for a long while, a long while ago, some time ago

dulcedo : sweetness, pleasantness, charm.

dulcidine : sweetly, pleasantly, charmingly.

dulcis : sweet, pleasant, agreeable.

dulcitudo dulcitudinis

dum : while, as long as, until.

dummodo : (conj. + subj.) provided

dumtaxat : at least, not less than / at most, not more than.

duo : two

duro: to harden, last, endure.

durus : hard, harsh, tough, strong,enduring, / rough, rude, uncouth.

Dusiol petram : Duissenpierre.

dux ducis : leader, guide, commander, general, duke.