University of Notre Dame

Chronicles of Notre Dame du Lac
Edward Sorin, CSC -- Translated by John M. Toohey, CSC, 1895
pg 119                             Chapter VII. Year 1848

                              1.  New Agreement with Mgr. Bazin

                  The character of the events of this year would appear to be 
             of a more marked importance than whatever had occurred up to the 
             present date.  One of the first in chronological order and 
             importance is the new agreement with the new Bishop of Vincennes.
                  It had been morally impossible for F. Sorin to assist at his 
             consecration at Vincennes in the month of November previous.  Until 
             the month of April 1848 it was equally difficult for him to make 
             the journey to Vincennes.  However, he at that time felt more 
             desirous than ever to visit this worthy pretate, and the minor 
             chapter was happily of his opinion.
                  Arrived at Vincennes, his first care was to have the former 
             agreement cancelled, which bound the Brothers in such a manner to 
             the diocese that they had no liberty to make any foundations 
             elsewhere, no matter what advantages might be represented.
                  This first point being secured, F. Sorin himself drew up a 
             new agreement which the good Bishop consented to sign.  It 

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