University of Notre Dame

Chronicles of Notre Dame du Lac
Edward Sorin, CSC -- Translated by John M. Toohey, CSC, 1895
pg 316                                  Chapter XVII 
                                    Seventeenth Year 1858

                  Never since the beginning of its existence in the New World 
             had the Congregation entered upon a new year under more 
             unfavorable auspices nor yet with a more unbounded confidence in 
             that Providence which had been thus far so merciful and attentive.  
             The financial crisis was not over, but the protection that had 
             been vouchsafed during three months against the violence of such a 
             storm, gave hopes of a similar protection until calm returned.  
             Prayers, communions, thousands of Ave Marias, continued to be 
             offered to heaven, and the constant joy that was depicted on each 
             countenance showed that there was not even a shadow of fear.
                  Towards the end of 1857 the Rev. F. Levegne, who had just 
             made his profession, was sent to France to canvass for subjects 
             for the mission and for the Congregation in general.  The idea 
             pleased the venerable founder, who received the envoy from America 
             with kindness and joy and recommended him to several Bishops of 

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