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Chroniques de N. D. du Lac

Additions or Reminiscences (1880)

. . . the end of our long journey, in time to say my mass and preach before our venerated Bishop on the solemnity of her Divine Maternity? I should have been stone blind not to recognize on the above three occasions the loving hand of a Mother even if she had entirely withdrawn her sensible protection all the time intervening. But of the two months and six days that our journey lasted, I could not point to a single one on which she forgot us and left us in want. If time permits I will relate some more, were it only to show to our dear religious of the Holy Cross in America how good the Mother of God has been to them from the beginning; how much they owe her and what boundless return of gratitude and love she has a right to expect from each of them.

The above three first delicious Etapes in a little more than two months were too significant to be passed unnoticed by young missionaries whose souls were wholly absorbed in on same thought, viz: to make known in the New World the Holy Mother of God, to whom they had consecrated their best love. For her they had left all; for her they actually lived; for her they passionately wished to spend themselves and be spent to the end of their life. If she blessed their labors, they had not even a doubt their mission would prove a success.

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