University of Notre Dame

Director of Athletics, 1909-29 [1908-1931]


Origination : Director of Athletics
Extent : 69 boxes
Repository : University of Notre Dame Archives
Address : Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

Scope and Content

SERIES ONE comprises files, arranged by sport, for the years 1909-1923. It also contains at least some additional files for each sport through 1929. The division of documents by sport is by no means perfect; likewise, sometimes letters are filed by the name of the correspondent, other times by the name of the school, and other times by subject. The files are quite sparse for the period ca. 1919-1923.

SERIES TWO comprises one alphabetic run of files for the period 1924-1929, though in some cases (mainly for persons with whom Rockne had extensive correspondence) there are letters from as early as 1919. Football and the general administration of the athletic program are the principle topics covered; basketball, baseball, and minor sports are occasionally touched on as well. In some cases, one person's letters are divided between the folders for his name and for his school.

SERIES THREE contains a few letters and copies of letters that have come to the Archives from various sources: no office files exist for these years.

SERIES FOUR comprises records of some of Rockne's outside activities (Coaching Schools, his Boys Camp, and the Olympic Tour of Europe) as well as some instructional and miscellaneous materials.

RELATED RECORDS are to be found in UABM (Notre Dame Business Manager ofAthletics, ca. 1900-1940), UFBA (Notre Dame Faculty Board in Control of Athletics (1902-1951), UNDA (Notre Dame Athletic DepartmentMiscellaneous Records), UATH (Notre Dame Athletics General Collection), and in the files of the various Notre Dame Presidents and Vice-Presidents.


UADR 1-7/ Series 1. Subject and Correspondence Files (By Sport) 1909-1923 [1908-29]

UADR 7-23/ Series 2. Correspondence and Subject Files (Alphabetical) 1924-29 [1919-29]

UADR22/33-34 Series 3. Correspondence (Collected from Various Sources), 1930-31

UADR 22-23/ Series 4. Records of Rockne's Outside Activities, 1922-29