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Americanism Collection


Extent : 2 reels of microfilm 10 inches of printed material
Repository : University of Notre Dame Archives
Address : Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

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Source: Centro di Foto documentazione, Polotenico di Milan and the Library of Congress

Collected by Thomas T. McAvoy.

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Americanism Collection (AMR), University of Notre Dame Archives (UNDA), Notre Dame, IN 46556

Scope and Content

Correspondence of William Henry O'Connell, rector of the North American College in Rome (1895-1901) and Cardinal Archbishop of Boston (1907-1944), and John Ireland, Archbishop of Saint Paul (1888-1918), with Countess Sabina di Parravicino of Milan, the Italian translator of Ireland's speeches; correspondence of John Joseph Glennon, Cardinal Archbishop of St. Louis (1903-1946); John Joseph Keane (1839-1918), Bishop of Richmond (1878-1888), first rector of Catholic University (1889-1896), administrator in the Vatican (1896-1899), and Archbishop of Dubuque (1900-1911); John Lancaster Spalding, Bishop of Peoria (1876-1908); and John Zahm, CSC, scientist, author, professor at the University of Notre Dame (1875-1892), and provincial of the Congregation of Holy Cross (1895-1906).

Also printed material, photocopies, and microfilm of clippings, books, and pamphlets concerning the controversy; with copies of works by Albert Houtin, Henri Delassus, George Fonsegrive, Eduardo Soderini, Edouard Lecanuet, Felix Klein, Emmanuel Barbier, Walter Elliott, Charles Maignen, Juliette Heuzey Goyau, Thomas T. McAvoy, and others.

In French, English, and Italian.


An alleged heresy in the American Church evidenced by a French translation of Walter Eliot's biography of Isaac Thomas Hecker, founder of the Paulist Fathers. The doctrines in question were condemned by Leo XIII in the apostolic letter Testem Benevolentiae, but American bishops and Paulists said that nobody in the United States taught these doctrines.


Hecker, Isaac Thomas, 1819-1888.
Paulist Fathers.
Americanism (Catholic controversy).
O'Connell, William Henry, Cardinal, 1859-1944.
Ireland, John, 1838-1918.
Parravicino, Sabina, contessa di.
Glennon, John Joseph, Cardinal, 1862-1946.
Keane, John Joseph, 1839-1918.
Spalding, John Lancaster, 1840-1916.
Zahm, John, 1851-1921.
Houtin, Albert, 1867-1926.
Delassus, Henri, 1836- .
Fonsegrive, George, 1852-1917.
Soderini, Eduardo, conte, 1853-1934.
Lecanuet, Edouard, 1853-1916.
Klein, Felix, 1862-1953.
Elliott, Walter, 1842-1928.
Maignen, Charles.
Goyau, Juliette Heuzey.
McAvoy, Thomas Timothy, 1903-1969.

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