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Notre Dame Class of 1926 and the pre-1924 Alumni Secretary Records


Origination : University of Notre Dame. Class of 1926.
Extent : 5 linear inches.
Repository : University of Notre Dame Archives
Address : Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

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Given between 1989 and 2007 by the Notre Dame Class of 1926 and the pre-1924 Alumni Secretary.

Restricted by policy.

Preferred Citation

Notre Dame Class of 1926 and the pre-1924 Alumni Secretary Records (C26), University of Notre Dame Archives (UNDA), Notre Dame, IN 46556

Scope and Content

Chiefly letters written between 1980 and 2003 by Notre Dame alumni who attended the university in the 1920s; including letters from Rev. William J. McAuliffe, CSC, 1978-1984, his correspondence with classmates, 1987-1988, and other correspondence with him or regarding him; letters received from Louis Thompson, Joe Navarre, and Martin Walsh containing reminisences of Notre Dame in the 1920s; letters from Theodore H. Bullard, one containing a life history; correspondence concerning Rockne's Half-Time Pep Talk at the 1925 Northwestern University Football Game; photocopies of letters from John W. Cavanaugh and Knute Rockne to Raymond J. Kelly dated 7 August 1918, 21 March 1919, and 16 October 1929.

With records of the Class of 1926 Mass Fund, 1983-1986; photocopies from Emil Klosinski of articles by him and articles about his father and George Gipp; copies of John Cardinal O'Hara letters (1950s) from Fernando L. de Romana; letters, photos, etc., concerning Rockne Busts / Bookends / Plaques from the 1930s, 1998-2001; a story by Walter "Bud" Stuhldreher and two clippings from "Blue and Gold" concerning George Strickler and the Four Horsemen photograph; a story by Walter "Bud" Stuhldreher titled "The $100,000 Backyard Football Game; a letter and a clipping about Harry Stuhldreher, Al Fellner, I. I. Probst, and the 1924 KKK march and riot in South Bend; a passage from Todd Tucker's book concerning George Strickler and the famous Four Horsemen photo; and an obituary of Raymond T. Holden, '26

Also letters and documents compiled by I. I. Probst regarding what became of the Nison Tregor bust of Father John W. Cavanaugh, together with correspondence and material about Jerry McKenna and the possibilities of McKenna sculpting a new Cavanaugh bust, 1985, 2000-2003; Probst's correspondence regarding Walter R. Houghton ('26), Lester J. ('26) and Mary Clarke, and a few others; essays by Probst titled "Reminiscences of Great Notre Dame Football Events and Personalities, February 1998," "What Did Rockne Say at Half Time, November 21, 1925?" and "Rockne -- Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Gables, Florida, 1930-1931", together with research notes; Probst's research notes and correspondence, 2003, concerning Harry O'Boyle, Rockne, and the 1925 Northwestern Football Game; several clippings and a photo regarding Probst's 102nd birthday; an original certificate from Florida Governor Charlie Crist acknowledging Probst's 102nd birthday; and a clipping about Gould's oral history work.

Audio-visual material including an audio CD of an NPR (National Public Radio) segment with Janie Gould interviewing I. I. Probst, broadcast on WQCS FM 88.9 in Fort Pierce, Florida, on 23 April 2007; and a DVD containing a slide show of 45 photographs of I. I. Probst from infancy to death, presented at the visitation and rosary service held after his death.


Cavanaugh, John, 1870-1935.
Rockne, Knute, 1888-1931.
Stuhldreher, Walter.
Gipp, George, 1895-1920.
O'Hara, John Francis, 1888-1960 .
McAuliffe, William J.
Thompson, Louis.
Navarre, Joseph.
Walsh, Martin.
Probst, I. I.
Kelly, Raymond J.
De Romana, Fernando L.
Klosinski, Emil.
Holden, Raymond T.
McKenna, Jerry.
Houghton, Walter R.
Strickler, George.
Trigor, Nilson.
O'Boyle, Harry.
University of Notre Dame. Class of 1926.