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Origination : Cristianos por la Paz en El Salvador.
Extent : 19 linear feet
Repository : University of Notre Dame Archives
Address : Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

Administrative Information


The CRIZPAZ records came from the organization's American headquarters in Cincinnati.

Preferred Citation

CRISPAZ Records (PAZ), University of Notre Dame Archives (UNDA), Notre Dame, IN 46556

Scope and Content

Documents on the history of CRISPAZ; legal documents, reports and correspondence regarding the situation in El Salvador between the period of 1980-2000; correspondence letters between CRISPAZ members; original photographs from shootings and massacres in El Salvador during the civil war; original and copies of news articles concerning the civil war, injustices in El Salvador, and CRISPAZ between the period of 1975-2001; newsletters from CRISPAZ volunteers in El Salvador; information on issues such as Salvadoran refugees during the war, immigration, human rights violations, etc.; and information on affiliate organizations such as the Human Rights Commission of El Salvador.


CRISPAZ (Christians for Peace in El Salvador) was founded in 1984 by Rev. Daniel Long, a Lutheran pastor, Paddy Lane, a Quaker activist, and Peter Hinde, a Catholic priest. According to its mission statement, "CRISPAZ is a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges of solidarity between the Church of the poor and marginalized communities in El Salvador and communities in the US and other countries through mutual accompaniment, striving together for peace, justice, sustainability, and human liberation. CRISPAZ is politically non-partisan, committed to nonviolence and supportive of the faith journeys of one another. CRISPAZ will realize its mission by facilitating global relationships and South-North learning opportunities that promote personal, spiritual and social transformation through solidarity and mutual accompaniment with the people of El Salvador."


Cristianos por la Paz en El Salvador
Christians for Peace in El Salvador
El Salvador

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