University of Notre Dame

Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1782/12/21




1782 Dec. 21

Seton, William M.(agee) (2)
Pimlico, Eton Street
to Mrs. (Elizabeth Seton) Seton
Robert Berrys, Esqr.
College House

He got to his uncle's very well and his uncle is glad she sent him. He can now spend two or three days there. He cannot go to Aunt Whittle's till after Christmas. Her two sons are home from school and until Cousin Richard goes to Ipswich a day or two after Christmas he cannot go there. William will visit Aunt Whittle if it is a nice day tomorrow. Mr. Mann took him to see the House of Lords where he saw the King on the throne with a crown on his head. The Lords were dressed in their robes. The bill was read to the King and another man answered in French, ending with "Le Roi dit: The king consents." He saw the famous Lord North wha was shabbily dressed in five robes. The bishops were there. The Bishop of "Glouster" read prayers before the King came in. William thought he was in church but was told it was customary here to read prayers before business. Lord Boston was the best looking, and quite young. William followed the King into his robing room and saw him take off his crown. He saw the King again in his eight-horse coach in St. James Park. Four ladies and the duke of Cumberland were in the House of Lords. The Prince of Wales was not there. William is hurrying to finish the letter, as the post leaves only once a day at 11 o'clock. (Dated 1782 or 3 by Robert Seton)

II-1-a A.L.S. 2pp. royal 8vo.

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