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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1788/02/01





1788 Feb. 1

Quintana, J(ose)ph Antonio
Havana, Cuba

to Father Antonio de Sedella, vicar and ecclesiastical Judge of Louisiana.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The late Father Buenaventura Cosidor owed Mrs. Maria Pesisetpeia (?) two hundred pesos. At the time of his death Father Cosidor told Quintana that J(ose)ph Boigas owed him three hundred pesos which were to be used to pay Mrs. Pesesetpeia. Francisco Mena has already received one hundred pesos of this. Quintana would be very glad if Sedella would inquire what Mena intends to do with the money and then write to him in care of Cirilo (Sieni of Barcelona, bp. of Tricali). He is sending by mail a copy of the division of the diocese and other news.

IV-4-c A.L.S. 2pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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