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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1788/11/28








1788 Nov. 28

Gamarra, Father Francisco
Nacog(doche)s, (Texas)

to Father Antonio de Sedella, auxiliary vicar, (New Orleans, Louisiana)

After many difficulties he arrived at (Nacogdoches) where he has been shown every courtesy by the reverend fathers. At Atakapas (Attacapas, Louisiana) he met Father (Joseph de) Arazena (O.M.Cap.) who had come to the aid of Father Bernardo (de Deva, O.M.Cap.) who is very ill. Requests information at the first opportunity of the facts concerning the collection from Ant(onio) Blanc; also that if more than six hundred pesos can be collected from (______) Dapremot before the end of the year Sedella take from the sum enough to pay for the enclosed list of goods, which are to be sent to Father (Jean Delvaux) Delbou at Nachitoz (Natchitoches, Louisiana). He also asks to know if the exchange of paper money for silver or officially signed money has been made. P.S. So far there has been no opportunity to send (Sedella's) letter to (Joaquin) Granados (O.F.M. bp. of Arispe, Sonora, Mexico). He asks (Sedella) to extend his greetings to Father Josef (de Xerez, O.M.Cap.) and also to Antonio Ximenez. (Then follows Gamarra's list of articles above mentioned.)

IV-4-c A.L.S. 6pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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