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1789 Sep. 1

Miro, Estevan, (governor of Louisiana)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

to (Cirilo Sieni), tit. bp. of Tricali (and auxiliary of Havana)
(New Orleans)

He remits a legalized copy of the royal decree of Mar. 22,
1789 concerning the prosecution for failure to pay fees and interests for Chaplaincies.

1789 Mar.

Royal order (of Charles IV of Spain)
Madrid, (Spain)

After being informed by Don Ramon Jobar ex-member of the audience of Santo Domingo of the evils caused by ecclesiastical judges in collecting the incomes of chaplaincies and charitable funds, and because of other accounts given by Father Francisco Quadrado, visitor of the province of San Dorenzo of the Order of Mercy, and of Don Juan Gutierres de Pineres, at present in the council of the Indies, concerning the same matter, the king has revoked on Apr. 18, 1788 the law which left the collection of the incomes of chaplaincies founded by private funds in the hands of the ecclesiastical judges. In its stead is another law for the West Indies, Philippines, and the Windward Islands which states that royal judges should take care of this matter. He orders the civil and ecclesiastical rulers of these districts to see to the observance of this decree. Signed by Antonio Ventura de Taranco.

1789 Sep. 2

Armesto, Andres Lopez
New Orleans

This is a true copy of the royal decree. The original is in his posession. (This is an 11 page copy of the decree).

1789 Sep. 2

(Cirilo Sieni of Barcelona, tit. bp. of Tricali)
New Orleans

to Estevan Miro, governor of Louisiana

He received the copy of the royal decree of Mar. 22, 1789 on the day before (Sep. 1, 1789).

IV-4-e A.L.S. 14pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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