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1790 Dec. 22

Quinones, Estevan de, notary public
New Orleans, Louisiana
In New Orleans on this day, Father Joachim de Portillo, missionary apostolic and vicar ecclesiastical judge of Louisiana for Philip J(ose)ph de Trespalacios,Bishop of Havana, said: that when he arrived at New Orleans, he presented his credentials to (Estevan Miro), governor and intendant of Louisiana, and to Cirilo (Sieni) of Barcelona (titular) bishop of Tricali and auxiliary of Havana; three days after this presentation the credentials were not restored to him nor was he put in possession of the vicarship; then he sent an official letter to Cirilo and receiving no response, sent a second and a third which was returned; but that two hours later came an answer that the contention was settled. The ecclesiastics of the city were then summoned to appear at half past three in the presence of Quinones, the notary.
Notification of Quinones of:
Father Ubaldo Delgado, O.M.Cap.
Father Ignacio de Olot, O.M.Cap.
Father Louis Guignes, O.M.Cap.
Father Francisco de Caldes, O.M.Cap., chaplain of the R(oya)l Hosp(ita)l

1790 Dec. 22

Quinones, Estevan de
Portillo, Father Joachim
New Orleans
Acknowledgment of the vicar.
Fathers Delgado, de Olot, Guignes, de Caldas, Tyrso de Pelea- Gonzalo, O.M.Cap., Felix de Quintamar, O.M.Cap., J(ose)ph de Villaprovedo, O.M.Cap., and Diego de Carriedo, O.M.Cap. met and having seen the credentials of Father Portillo, recognized him as their vicar ecclesiastical judge standing in the place of Bishop Trespalacios.

1790 Dec. 22

Quinones, Estevan de
Portillo, Father Joachim de
New Orleans

Quinones then went to the convent of the Ursulines and showed the brief of vicariate to Mother (Antonia) Santa Monica ramos and her assistants.
Mother Superior and her two assistants at the Ursulines in the presence of Quinones promised to recognize Father Portillo as ecclesiastical judge.

IV-4-g A.D.S. 8pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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