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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1793/04/10



















1793 Apr. 10

Quinones, Estevan de, Notary Public
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Royal order and instructions concerning what pastors ought to observe in the marriages between Protestants and Catholics resident in the province of Louisiana.

1793 Apr. 5

Carondelet, (Francisco Luis Hector) Baron de
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to (Father) Theodoro thirso Henrique Henriquez, eccl. judge
(New Orleans)

He sends a certified copy of the royal order of December 16, last enjoining the observance of the instruction of November 30,
1793 a copy of which he also encloses.

1792 Dec. 16

Acuna, Pedro (de, secretary of state)
Madrid, (Spain)

to (Francisco Luis Hector Baron de Carondelet), gov. of Louisiana
New Orleans
copy. In a letter of April 5, (Juan Nepomuceno Quesada) governor of St. Augustine, Florida related that an inhabitant of St. Mary's river had crossed that river taking along a girl of the same territory, both Protestants. In the United States the couple contracted marriage. He asked a decision to govern in this case and in the others which can arise in the future, since Protestants ought not to administer the sacraments if they do not abjure this error. The King (Charles IV of Spain) has decided that in that province, East and West Florida those entrusted with the care of souls should follow absolutely the instructions of November 30,
1792. Certified copy made by Andres Lopez Armesto.

1792 Nov. 30

(Charles IV, of Spain)
San Lorenzo, (Spain)

Instruction to the vicars, pastors and other ecclesiastics engaged in the care of souls in the province of Louisiana. East and West florida as also the governors and magistrates in as far as it concerns them concerning the marriages of English and Anglo- Americans and other Protestant aliens living in the aforementioned provinces. By the treaty of 1783 English and Anglo-Americans were to evacuate their possessions from the posts conquered by the arms of Spain. But in order not to inconvenience these people and in order that converts might be made to the Catholic Church these people have been allowed to remain if they submitted to certain conditions. Irish priests have been obtained to catechize and attract the colonists, their children and their households to the Catholic Church. (Then follow six) articles, the second of which states that when Protestants or a Protestant and a Catholic resident in the colony are to be married the ceremony is to be performed before the Catholic pastor and two or three witnesses; marriages before Protestant alien ministers or magistrates are invalid and the contracting parties are subject to confiscation of goods and exile. (Note by) Andres Lopez Armesto. He certifies this copy.

1793 Apr. 9

Henriquez, (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

to Francisco (Luis Hector) Baron de Carondolet
(New Orleans)

He will have the pastors of the province informed of the royal instructions as soon as possible.

1793 Apr. 10

Henriquez, (Father) Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans

He orders copies of the royal order and instructions to be sent to the parishes of the province.

IV-4-k A.L.S. and copies of D.S. 17pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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