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1793 Dec. 7

Walsh, (Father Patrick), foreign vicar and ecclesiastical judge of New Orleans and the province of Pensacola.
New Orleans, (Louisiana)
In accordance with the communication from (Francisco Luis Hector, Baron de Carondelet) governor of (Louisiana) he gives Father (Manuel Garcia, of the Observance of St. Francis) permission to proceed to Havana. (On same page as Father Garcia's petition of Nov. 20, 1793.)

1793 Nov. 20

Garcia, Father Manuel, temporary chaplain of the first battalion of the regiment of Louisiana.
New Orleans

to Father Patrick Walsh
New Orleans

As evidenced by the certificate herewith presented the surgeons of the regiment, Father Garcia should go to Havana to recover his health. He asks permission.

1793 Nov. 19

Fernandez, Jose
Labie, Joseph physicians of the regiment of Louisiana commanded by Don Francisco Bouligny.
New Orleans

Father Garcia's ailment of the lungs does not respond to their treatment rather it grows worse. They advise that he go to a climate such as that of Cuba. Copy

1793 Nov. 27

Walsh, Patrick
New Orleans

to Francisco (Luis Hector), Baron de Carondelet
New Orleans

Father Garcia has asked permission to proceed to Cuba because of his health. If Carondelet sees fit to grant the petition Walsh begs to be informed so that he may grant the necessary permit. (Note) This agrees with the original, Estevan de Quinones..

1793 Dec. 6

Carondelet (Francisco Luis Hector), Baron de
New Orleans

to Father Patrick Walsh
New Orleans

He has no objection to Father Garcia's proceeding to Havana.

IV-4-m A.D.S. 6pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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