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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1794/02/25



1794 Feb. 25

Henriquez, Father Theodoro Thirso Henrique
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

(This manuscript if fragile and water stained making it for the most part illegible. It appears to be a set of instructions sent out by Henriquez as vicar general dated October 26, 1792. At the end of the instructions, under various dates are the signatures of Fathers) Carlos Burke, Patricio Mangan, Patricio Walsh, Joaquin de Portillo, (O.M.Cap.), Francisco Lennan, Manuel Garcia, (O.F.M.), Pedro de Velez, (O.M.Cap.), Mariano de Brunete, (O.M.Cap.), Bern(ar)do de Deva, (O.M.Cap.), Fran(cis)co de Caldes, (O.M.Cap.), the last signature, Jorge Murphy, dated March 16, 1793. (All affirm that they have "received" the document, witnessed by the notary, Estevan de Quinones. (There follows letters signed by Fathers) Bernardo de Limpach, (O.M.Cap.), (Juan) Delvaux, Guill(er)mo Savage, Joseph (Gonzalo) Villaprovedo, (O.M.Cap.), Estevan de Valorio, (O.M.Cap.), Constantine McKenna, Pedro de Zamora, (O.M.Cap.). The last letter dated February 25, 1794 is signed by Carlos Burke and addressed to Patricio Walsh.

IV-4-o A.D., A.L.S. 116pp.(?) 4to & 8vo. (Spanish)

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