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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1794/11/03








1794 Nov. 3

Walsh, Father Patrick
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Francisco (Luis Hector) Baron de Carondolet
New Orleans

He has left the fulfillment of Carondolet's letter of yesterday to Father Joaquin de Portillo (O.M.Cap.). Copy by Estevan de Quinones.

1794 Nov. 2

Carondolet, (Francisco Luis Hector) Baron de
New Orleans

to Father Patrick Walsh
New Orleans

He encloses a copy of the royal decree of April 28 ordering that proper thanks be given God in these kingdoms for the happy delivery of the Queen who gave birth to an infant, Francisco de Paula, Antonio Maria (Bourbon).

1794 Apr. 28

Taranco, Antonio Ventura de
Aranjuez, (Spain)

Order of the King (Charles IV of Spain). The King feels obliged to thank God for the birth of a son on March 10. As this is a cause for great rejoicing throughout his kingdoms the King orders the civil officials and pray the ecclesiastical officers to publish this decree so that all may join in giving thanks to God. Copy by

IV-4-o (COPIES OF) A.D. and .A.L.S. 7pp. 8vo. (Spanish)


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