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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1795/09/11






1795 Sep. 11

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of
New Orleans, Louisiana

The distance from New Orleans of the parishes of St. Louis of the Illinois, St. Genevieve and New Madrid, (Missouri), belonging to this diocese, makes it necessary to establish in them an ecclesiastical vicar who can act promptly in urgent cases. Knowing that Father (James Maxwell) Diego Maxivell, who has been appointed pastor of St. Genevieve, will discharge this duty, Penalver hereby appoints him Vicar Forane of the three parishes cited, giving him faculties to handle criminal, civil, matrimonial cases and others and to handle the fees. He also gives him the faculties for cases under the jurisdiction of Vicars General but only in case of necessity in order to collect particulars. (Maxwell) will try, either by himself or with the other two pastors, to assist and help all Catholics in the towns of St. Charles and St. Ferdinand. Jose M(aria de Rivas signs as secretary.

D.S. Copy (Spanish)


1795 Sep. 11

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis
(New Orleans)

to Father James Maxwell

The Bishop tells Maxwell that he himself has been notified by Father Patrick Walsh that Father (Jean Antoine) Le Dru, former pastor of Illinois, has arbitrarily dispensed impediments of consanguinity even in the second degree. Moreover, as Father Maxwell is going to the parish of Sainte Genevieve through that of Illinois, Bishop Penalver appoints him to receive in the presence of two witnesses, who sign the processes with him, a complete and very secret account from witnesses who swear the truth of what has been disclosed, and to check up the parochial ledgers in so far as it may be necessary, giving the Bishop an account of all the procedures. Furthermore, the Bishop orders him not to take any action until, the Bishop has been informed of the state of affairs. Finally, the Bishop orders Maxwell to be notified of the above decree.
--Signed by the Bishop of Louisiana.
--To this is added a note by Rivas certifying that the party has been notified of the above decree. Signed by Maxwell and witnessed by Rivas.

IV-5-b D.S. 1p. 4to. (Spanish)

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