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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1795/09/24







1795 Sep. 24

Saint Pierre, Father Paul de
St. Genevieve

to (______)
(St. Louis)
De Saint Pierre notifies the addressee of:
1.) The reception of his letter if he knew of the addressee's sudden change, he would have taken the trip to Prairie de Rocher with Mr. Bap Janin (?) in order to see the addressee and Father (Michael) Levadoux.
2.) He cannot go with Mr. Collell to St. Louis and see the addressee and that Mr. Jean Bte. Valle who arrived last night at town, left all the letters by mistake in the "Berge." This necessary that De St. Pierre wait for them before his trip to St. Louis.
3.) Father (Pierre) Gibault received the "bull" in question, as the addressee will too in a short time. They forgot to put it in De St. Pierre's official letter. Then its content will be known.
4.) That he has been advised by Mr. Bte. Valle to take a trip to the city even though only to confound his enemies who have spread so many slanders about him which have caused him to be considered as a monster of religion. This presence will dissipate this bad opinion.
5.) He himself has been notified by the Vicar General of two main accusations brought out against him: a) That he has no document proving his priesthood and, b) that his parishioners, not believing him a priest, are deprived of the Holy Sacraments.
6.) Furthermore, De Saint Pierre asserts that it is not difficult to prove the contrary by: a) His ecclesiastical letters showing that he is not under censure and that he may administer the Holy Sacraments. b) These letters from the Archdioceses of Treves authorizing him to administer any ecclesiastical service necessary to the regiment of Saint ange, then, in garrison at Saarlouis, with the permission to confess any of the faithful of the dioceses. c) This certificate of almoner of this regiment and his discharge with recommendation to all the French Consuls in the thirteen American colonies, from the Chevalier de la Vallete, army brigadier and lieutenant colonel, of this regiment. d) He adds that the supposed doubts of his parishioners about his priesthood are sufficiently contradicted by the mere fact of the requests they have sent to the city in order that he may continue as a pastor among them.
7.) Moreover, De Saint Pierre asks the addressee: a) To give him a certificate according to what he saw or heard in his parish when he was there. b) to dispose Father Levadoux to certify the sentiments that De Saint Pierre's former parishioners of Kaokias, Prarie du Rocher and Kaskaskias have of his administration.
8.) Finally, de Saint Pierre assures the addressee that as soon as Mr. Francois Valle is back, they will take the trip to St. Louis and then, De St. Pierre will pay for his watch.
--To this is added a note that the Bishop arrived in the city eight days after the departure of Mr. Valle.

IV-5-b A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (French)

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