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1795 Dec. 19

Walsh, Father Patricio

Decree of the Commissary Subdelegate of Crusade in the Province of Louisiana about the publication and preaching of the holy Bull in this year of 1795.

1795 Dec. 18

Walsh, Father Patricio

to Bishop Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans)

1). Father Walsh, commissary subdelegate of the holy Crusade in Louisiana, through Father Joseph Thomas Parreno, commissary subdelegate of the holy Crusade in Havana and Island and Western Floridas, notifies the Bishop that, in consequence of the proceedings carried out for the publication and preaching of the holy Bull of the Crusade, he issued the following decree:

1795 Dec. 18

a). That by another decree of the same day, he chose the feast of St. John the Evangelist, Dec. 27, for the publication and preaching of the holy Bull of the Crusade and the new privilege granted by His Holiness Pius VI for the use of meat during the days of Lent, in accordance with what is determined for the years of 1796 and 1797).
b). That in order that this ceremony as well as the procession that is to take place at 8 o'clock in the morning from the monastery of the Ursulines to the Cathedral Church be solemnized properly as His Majesty ordered, and through the help of Bishop Penalver, a petition is to be sent to His Excellency requesting him to order that the Reverend Pastor, his assistants and other chaplains concur with the clergy as it is customary, to the reception and feast of the preaching of the holy Bull with all the necessary measures the known zeal of His Excellency might consider suitable for the service of both Majesties. Signed: by Patrilo Walsh. Witnessed by Francisco Bermudz, Notary of the Crusade.

2). Furthermore, Father Walsh notifies the Bishop that the above decree was issued in order that the latter may approve all that is solicited. Signed by Patricio Walsh.
--A note by Francisco Bermudz certifying the above copy was drawn up by the Bishop's order.

1795 Dec. 19

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis Bishop
(New Orleans)

Having examined the above communication of the Subdelegate the Bishop orders:
1). That the pastor of the "Sagrario" of the Cathedral Church be notified in order that he may have it decorated in a fitting manner.
2). Furthermore, that the clergy are to be notified by means of a poster placed in the Sacristy in order that all be carried out as His Majesty commands and the Subdelegate may know what the Bishop orders.
3). That he will facilitate all leading to this end.
4). That yesterday's communications of Walsh is to be answered by another as is suitable in which the present decree is to be included, after the proceedings have been carried out. Signed: by the Bishop of Louisiana and witnessed by Dr. Joseph Maria de Rivas, as Secretary.
--To this is added a note by Rivas certifying that on the same day he notified Father Antonio de Sedella of the above decree.
--Another note is added by Rivas certifying that on the same day the poster, as ordered by the above decree, was placed on the doors of the Sacristy of the Cathedral Church.

IV-5-d D.S. 6pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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