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1796 Jan. 7

Dussiau, Baltazar Lacroix

Documents concerning the petition of Don Baltazar Lacroix Dussiau for a dispensation from the banns of marriage to marry Maria Carlota Coustancia Olivier Deverin.

1796 Jan. ?

Dussiau (?), Baltazar Lacroix

to Bishop Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans)

1. Dussiau states: That yesterday, in the Cathedral Church of New Orleans, the banns of his marriage to Maria Carlota Coustancia Olivier Deverin were begun.
2. However, as he needs to leave for the country immediately, he asks the Bishop to dispense him from the two remaining banns in order that the wedding may take place. Signed by Baltazar Dussiau.
--To this is added a decree by Bishop Penalver y Cardenas, on Jan. 7, 1796 ordering that witnesses should appear and the results be brought in. Signed by the Bishop of Louisiana and certified by Rivas.

1796 Jan. 7

Rivas, Joseph Maria, secretary
(New Orleans)
Rivas certifies:
1. That Joseph Pontalba, a witness presented by Baltazar Dussiau, appeared before him, and, Under oath, answered the questions asked as follows:
a) That he knows of the urgent necessity for Baltazar Dussiau to leave for home, so that any delay whatsoever may cause him serious damages.
b) That this is the truth, and also that he is 41 years old. Signed by Joseph Pontalba and notarized by Rivas.
--Immediately there appeared the lieutenant Josef Deville Degoutin, another witness presented by Baltazar Dussiau, from whom Rivas received sworn testimony to the truth of the same points witnessed by Joseph Pontalba. He swore also that he is 33 years old. Signed by Josef Deville Degoutin and notarized by Rivas.

1796 Jan. 7

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis Bishop
(New Orleans)

The Bishop decrees:
1. That having examined the documents concerning Baltazar Dussiau's petition for a dispensation from the two remaining banns, he does dispense them.
2. That word is to be sent to the pastor of the Cathedral church to marry them in the usual form. Signed by the Bishop of Louisiana.
--To this is added a note by Rivas certifying that the above decree was issued and signed by Bishop Penalver on Jan. 7, 1796.
--Another note is added by Rivas that he notified, on the same day, Baltazar Dussiau of the above decree. Finally, another note is added by rivas that information was sent to Father Antonio de Sedella, pastor of the "Sagrario."

IV-5-f D.S. 4pp. 8to. (Spanish)

1796 Jan. 7

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis Bishop
(New Orleans)

to Father Felix de Quintanar
The Bishop states:
1) That he received Quintanar's letter of last December 27 in which the latter gives account of the church of Galvestown and the state of the inhabitants of the parish. The Bishop makes the following observations:
2) a) That he supposes that Father Quintanar has exhorted his parishioners not to marry the Negroes, and that they allow the Negroes to come to church to fulfill their obligations.
3) That Father Quintanar should go to the house of the parishioners and make the same suggestions and try to persuade them that their own good is at stake.
4) That Quintanar should get the aid of the commander to proceed thus, because he is a Christian Vassal of a Catholic King and the Royal Laws provide for the observance of the Ecclesiastical Laws.
5) That the Bishop desires to carry out these proceedings and others even more painful, but he cannot now leave other duties of the same kind.
6) That Father Quintanar, in the name of the Bishop, should persuade the six rebels who have not fulfilled their annual obligations towards the Church because they are Catholics.
7) That he thanks Father Quintanar for his labors and asks him to give up the tranquility of the cloister for the good of the souls.
8) That he has always believed:
a) That the teaching of boys is very useful to transmit to their parents the good principles of religion that they learn in the parishes;
b) That there should be a school under the inspection of the Pastor. Moreover, the Bishop asks Quintanar to continue his plan on this point, which is very praiseworthy. 9) Finally, that Father Quintanar should notify the Bishop of what he may consider suitable to the service of God. Signed by the Bishop.

IV-5-f L.S. 2pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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