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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/01/19





1796 Jan. 19

San Pedro, Father Pablo de, Pastor of St. Genevieve's Parish Church (St. Pierre, Father Paul de)
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Penalver y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of
(New Orleans), Louisiana

Father Pablo de San Pedro notifies the Bishop that he has to go to Baltimore to finish up some affairs already known to the Bishop. And since a ship is about to depart for the United States of America he asks permission to take that ship. Consequently, he asks for that permission as well as for a certificate about the six years and a half he had been in charge of the parish, and about his behavior during his stay there.

A.L.S. 1p. 4to. (Spanish)
To which is attached the following:

1796 Jan. 19

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of
(New Orleans) Louisiana

to (Father Pablo de San Pedro)
(St. Genevieve, Louisiana)

Bishop Penalver grants Fray Pablo de San Pedro, a Carmelite, the permission he asked for to go to Baltimore, where Bishop John Carroll of the United States of America lives. Bishop Penalver testifies that since July of 1795, when he arrived in that diocese, he has not heard of anything against Fray Pablo's personal behavior or his work as St. Genevieve's church parish priest, nor has he any knowledge of anything against Fray Pablo's behavior in his 6 years and a half at the parish, except the reasons why the Vicar in charge of the Diocese at the time had Fray Pablo come to the city. The Bishop considered those reasons were sufficient to suspend him from the exercise of his orders, and Fray Pablo will continue in that condition until the Bishop decides otherwise in view of the information obtained from Bishop (John) Carroll.

IV-5-f L.S. 1p. 8vo. (Spanish)

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