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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/03/22





1796 Mar. 22

(Despuig y Dameto), Ant(oni)o, Archbishop of
Seville, (Spain)

to Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

From the enclosed letter Penalver will become acquainted with the just wishes of Saturnino Domine of Seville who desires to bring about the return of Antonio Argote to Seville in order to live with his wife Maria del Carmen (Argote), Saturnino's sister, or to get Argote to pay Domine the money he has spent on Argote's family. Despuig asserts that this request is just. He asks Penalver to do all in his power to fulfill one of these two desires.

L.S. (Spanish) Enclosure:

1796 Mar. 12

Domine, Saturnino
Seville, (Spain)

to Archbishop Antonia Despuig y Dameto
Seville, Spain

Antonio Argote, Domine's brother-in-law, took a ship at Cadiz for New Orleans in 1780, leaving his wife, Maria del Carmen, and his little daughter in Domine's care. Argote was not able to return to Spain at the end of the first year, as he had promised. He had been sending money to support his family but this was not sufficient. All his family wanted was for him to return and to pay back to Domine what he had spent for Argote's family. Argote could not do that because he said his creditors in Cadiz would pursue him. He proposed instead that his wife go to the King to ask him to order Argote back to Spain. This was done and Argote was notified by Governor Miro. Argote failed to return and stopped sending money. Domine and Argot's wife went to the Baron (Francisco Luis Hector) de Carondelet to see whether he could get Argote to come back or at least to send money to his family. The Governor did not even answer the letter. All they got was a letter from Francisco Rendon asking Argote's wife's permission for Argote to go with Rendon to Zacatecas. Domine begs the Bishop's cooperation in getting Domine's answer to Rendon and in helping in Argote's return. Domine wants Argote to refund the 6000 pesos he owes him after the 16 years in which he has been taking care of Argote's family and to send monthly allowances from now on.

A.L.S. (Spanish) IV-5-h L.S., A.L.S. (Spanish) 5pp. 4to.

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