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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/04/05





1796 Apr. 5

Ortega, Josef de
Ha(va)na, (Cuba)

to Father Thomas Hassett
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Ortega had not had any news about Hassett until Ortega's arrival at Havana where he received Hassett's letter sent to him from Florida by Ortega's wife. Ortega remembers telling Hassett of having received a letter from Madrid in which (Casa) Calvo told him of the death of Calvo's attorney and asked Ortega to thank Hassett for thinking of him and sending him a hat. Ortega has Hassett's letter of February 4. Since Hassett knows Ortega's behavior in Florida he could not possibly believe that Ortega is now suffering on that account. Since Hassett also knows Juan Nepom(uci)no de Quesada and his intrigues he will not be surprised that Ortega is now suffering on account of one of them. He is sure that Quesada has slandered him and Ortega came to Havana to get an indemnity. Ortega will let Hassett know the outcome. He is glad Father (Theodoro Thirso H)enrique (Henriquez) is going instead of Quesada. In this way the unhappy people will be relieved. The good qualities of the former will shine in comparison to the bad memories of the latter. It is good for Ortega's reputation to go back to Florida nd he will even be glad to do so because he will be under the orders of such a good chief. Ortega's wife and daughters who arrived a few days ago send regards.
P.S. Quesada and Don Carlos (de Grand-Pre ?) are in Havana waiting for Enrique. Enrique should hear Hassett with regard to both Ortega;s and Quesada's behavior in Florida and Hassett should advise Ortega to talk to enrique. January's mail has not arrived; February's is due soon. A boat arrived three days ago from the Canary Islands leaving on February 17. It is said to bring news that the King was at Seville.

IV-5-h A.L.S. 3pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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