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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/04/09





1796 Apr. 9

Mangan, Father Patrick
(Cabahonose) Cabahonoce, (Louisiana)

Mangan encloses the census of the church of St. James for the year 1795 according to the form given in the instructions sent September 3, 1795. There are 1300 men and 924 women making a total of 2224 souls. The only steady income is from the pews and amounts to about 200 pesos. The incidental income is about 50 pesos. A baptismal font and decent black vestments are needed. An elementary school would be very useful for the spiritual welfare of the parishioners. Mangan thinks the licentiousness prevailing is largely due to a lack of Christian education which cannot be taken care of by the priest as the inhabitants live so far from the church. It would be well to found a settlement as in some other colonies of Spain.

IV-5-h A.L.S. 1p. 8vo. 1p. 4to. (Spanish)

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