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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/06/18




1796 Jun. 18

Deva, (O.M.Cap.) Father Bern(ar)do de
LaFourche, (Louisiana)

to Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Deva sends the census of the parish in fulfillment of the Bishop's order in the Instructions for pastors Chapter 19. The census for the parish of the Assumption of LaFourche de Valenzuela for 1796 gives the number of men as 1220, women 938, a total of 2058. There are 58 more persons since January 20 of the present year; 305 have made their Easter duty; 165 pesos is to be collected from pew rent by the end of the year and 50 in offerings; there is a need for more priests.

IV-5-j A.L.S. 3pp. 4to. (1 8vo.) (Spanish)

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