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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/06/23









1796 Jun. 23

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to The Faithful of
(Pensacola, Florida) Panzacola

Since coming to the diocese it has been Penalver's main object to preserve the purity of dogma and to drive out error and bad habits for the benefit of souls. For this purpose he gave out an Instruction on December 21, 1795 to the pastors summarizing their duty of preaching truth and penitence. It has been very painful to learn that out of 1145 parishioners of the Panzacola district very few have made their Easter duty, according to the census. Penalver quotes the second and third commandments of the Church, approved at the (Lateran) Letran Council under Innocent III. Other duties keep Penalver from going to Panzacola so he sends this edict exhorting them to fulfill these precepts of the Church within one month from the publication of the edict. Father Isidro Quintero, as Pro- Secretary, adds that this is a copy of the one sent to Panzacola.

IV-5-j D. 4pp. 4to. (Spanish)

1796 Jun. 23

Quintanar, O.M.Cap., Father Felix de
Galveztown, (Louisiana)

to Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Quintanar, complying with Penalver's instructions Chapter 18 and 19, sends the census. Last year's census of 1795 did not include all. The increase of one person is among the permanent residents. Those referred to in the census are those who are able to confess in French, the other permanent residents speak only English which Quintanar does not know. Those referred to live two and four more leagues from the church where it would be necessary to go by boat, so that he cannot go to their homes as Penalver ordered but on Sundays he preaches on their obligations as Christians.

A.L.S. (Spanish)

1796 Jun. 23

Quintanar. (O.M.Cap.), Father Felix de
Galveztown, Louisiana

to Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

The census for St. Bernard's Church of Galveztown for the year 1796 shows a total of 116 men and 108 women, a grand total of 226(?). Seven have not made their Easter duty: Joseph Pauli, Captain of the Militia, French; Joseph Basil, from Malta; Fran(cis)co Casu. French; Henriquez Bilar, German; Rosalia Bigner, French; Pedro Arruet and Juan Luis Arruet, French. There is a fixed and incidental income which the king gives every year amounting to 50 pesos. They need many articles for the church and a total reconditioning of the church; for the spiritual increase of the town, sixty Bulls of the Holy Crusade. The chalice, silver cruets and missal belong to the regiment and the ritual to the Chaplain of the regiment.

A.D.S. (Spanish)

IV-5-j A.L.S. 4pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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