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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1796/09/19





1796 Sep. 19

Walsh, Father Patrick
New Orleans, Louisiana

to (Bishop Luis Penalver y Cardenas,
New Orleans, Louisiana)

Walsh, Subdelegate of the Holy Crusade, chaplain of the Royal Hospital and charged with the care of the English, Irish and Anglo- Americans in this city, has stated orally and privately to Penalver the case of Robert Jones, Quaker, who asked for Baptism after abandoning his former faith and to be married in the Church to Anna Obryen. Having several children, he thought it would cause trouble if he were baptized and married publicly. Penalver authorized Walsh to go to Jones' house and baptize him, giving him the name of Robert, son of Robert and of Margari(ta) Knowles, natives of Philadelphia; Robert the father being the son of Robert, a native of Alais and Margarita, name and country unknown, while the aforesaid Margarita (Knowles) is the daughter of Fran(cis)co Knowles. The god-father was Manuel Serrano, counsellor to the Administration. Immediately after, in the presence of the same Manuel Serrano and of Joaquin Romo, Captain and lieutenant in the Dragoons of Mexico, Robert Jones and Anna Obryen were married in the Church. Anna Obryen declared that she is a native of Tarbury (Tarboro, N.C.?) in the United States and the daughter of William Obryen, a native of Ireland, and of Maria Knowles, a native of Virginia, her paternal grandfather William Obryen and maternal (grandfather) Juan Knowles, the name of her grandmothers unknown. This document was entered in the secret Register of Marriages in the secret Archives of the church. This is signed by Joaquin Romo and Man(ue)l Serrano as well as Walsh.

IV-5-l A.D.S. 3pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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