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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1797/03/07






(1797) (Mar. 7)

Hasset(t), Father Thomas and
Father Fran(cis)co Perez Guerrero

1797 Mar. 6

Penalver y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of
New Orleans, Louisiana

Penalver has received a decree dated at San Lorenzo on October 2, 1796, in which the king relieves Fathers Thomas Hasset(t) and Fran(cis)co Perez Guerrero, canons of the (New Orleans) Cathedral, from the payment of the annats of the half year because of their very small revenue. Seniority goes to Hassett because he was appointed first. The royal decree orders Penalver to keep the original in the archives, to notify the parties interested and to relieve them of their obligation. Father Isidro Quintero certifies as Pro-Secretary.

D.S. (Spanish)

1796 Oct. 2

(Charles IV), King of (Spain)
San Lorenzo, (Spain)

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas
New Orleans), Louisiana

In a letter of August 21, 1795, Guerrero reported that having arrived in New Orleans on August 16, he was given the first place on the 20th because his companion had not arrived. Having signed the bond for the half annats, he found it impossible to pay because of his small grant of 50 pesos a month. Therefore it was asked that he be exempt from the payment and that the endowment be increased. In a letter of October 20, 1795, Hassett reported that Guerrero having obtained the prebend by the resignation of Father Manuel Gomez Aguirre first named to it, endeavored to be preferred in seniority, notwithstanding that the date of (Hassett)'s royal decree was August 14 and that of Guerrero was November 24, both of
1794. Hassett believes that the seniority is his. After consultation on June 8, 1796 the king decided to relieve the canons of the payment of the half annats and declared that seniority goes to Hassett. Signed by the king and by Fran(cis)co Cerda.

D.S. Copy (Spanish)

1797 Mar. 7

Quintero, Father Isidro
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The above is a copy of the royal decree and completes the case. Quintero adds in two notes that he notified Hassett and Guerrero.

A.D.S. (Spanish)

IV-5-n D.S., A.D.S., and Copy 4pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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