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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1797/10/18




1797 Oct. 18

Fafella, Father Juan Mig(ue)l P?)
Sevilla, (Spain)

to Bishop (Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
(New Orleans), Louisiana

In the absence of Archbishop (Antonio Despuig y Damato) in Italy, and as his governor, Fafalla has received (Penalver's) letter of March 31 concerning the return of Antonio Argote to his wife, Maria del Carmen Domine in Spain. Argote's family and wife beg (Penalver) to continue his mediation so that he may return voluntarily or at least reimburse Saturnino Domine for the support of his family and for its support hereafter.

V-1-c L.S. 2pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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