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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1801/02/01




1801 Feb. 1(?)

(Penalver y Cardenas), Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

to Father Patrick Lonergan, O.F.M.
( )

Thomas (Power) Pover handed over to (Penalver) one of Lonergan's letters written in Pittsburgh, undated, in which Lonergan wished to tell (Penalver) that he desired a parish in the Diocese of Louisiana. (Penalver) could not consider it if there were any damage to Bishop (John Carroll) of Baltimore, but since Pover added that Lonergan was about to leave the diocese, that he had asked for his dimission and that it was to be sent to him (Penalver) will admit him. (Penalver) sees that Lonergan was employed by Archbishop Antonio Cavallero y Gongora of Cordova whose memory is very laudable. (Penalver) is persuaded that Cavallero would never have made Lonergan synodal examiner without being sure of his talents nor would the Bishop of Baltimore have given him a parish unless convinced of his fitness.

V-2-m A. Draft S. (Spanish) 2pp. 8vo.

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