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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1801/05/31






(1801) (May 31)

Penalver y Cardenas, Bishop Luis

1801 May 30

Penalver y Cardenas, Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

On September 9, 1798, Penalver issued the following edict: One of his first obligations is to instruct in the duties of religion and raise his voice against public vices. (He addresses himself to the usurers and quotes the edict). What effect did this warning have? They have paid no attention to it. Men who claim to be Catholics have exacted these exorbitant interests and also women have engaged in this sordid business. Penalver warns that the guilty cannot hope for pardon without restitution. This decree is to be published tomorrow, Trinity Sunday, in the Cathedral and a copy posted. Father Isidro Quintero acts as secretary and adds that on May 31 the edict was published and posted.

V-2-m D.S. (Spanish) 6pp. folio

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