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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1801/09/28




1801 Sep. 28

Valllejo, Father Bernardino
Mission of S(a)n Jose

to Bishop Luis de Cardenas y Penalver
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Last week Vallejo received Penalver's letter of July 2 in which he sent a copy of the letter of October 8, (17)99 ordering Vallejo to advise Father Buena Ventura de Castro, (O.M.Cap.), to return to the capital where he would be received with kindness. Vallejo assures Penalver that he has never received the above letter nor has Governor Juan Bap(tis)ta Elquezabal. When de Castro arrived at Nacogdoches Vallejo was the priest at that place. He tried to persuade de Castro to return as soon as possible but de Castro assured him that grave causes had made him withdraw and that he had written one or two letters to Penalver asking for the passport to Havana and when he moved to these missions he wrote to the Provincial of the two Castilles (?) who lives in Madrid, Father Fidel de la Calzada and it seems that the provincial replied that he could remain in these missions until something else came up. But up to the present it does not seem possible to convince de Castro and he keeps saying that Louisiana does not suit his spirit.

V-3-d A.L.S. (Spanish) 3pp. 4to.

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