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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1801/11/28




1801 Nov. 28

Ramos, Carlos
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to (Father Thomas Hassett)
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Ramos, in charge of admissions to the Royal Hospital, wishes the first banns to be published for his marriage with Josefina Vincent. Since he must be out of the city at the beginning of next week to attend to important business in the home of Pedro Lastique he asks to be dispensed from the other two banns.

A.L.S. (Spanish)

1801 Nov. 28

Hassett, Father Thomas
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Hassett dispenses from the other two banns. The pastor is to be notified that after one announcement that they may be married. Fran(cis)co Bermudes certifies the decree and notified Father Pedro Zamora, (O.M.Cap.).

A.D.S. (Spanish)

V-3-d A.L.S., A.D.S. (Spanish) 2pp. 4to.

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