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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1802/07/09




1802 Jul. 9

Hassett, Father Thomas
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Manuel de Salcedo
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

In a letter of November 11, 1801 to the former bishop, Salcedo, answering a letter of September 30, explained that he would take with caution the necessary means to start proceedings about the 6344 pesos, 3 reales discovered in the estate of Andres Almonester y Roxas in favor of the Charity Hospital. Since this is one of the principal duties of his office Hassett draws Salcedo's attention so that the affair may be settled as soon as possible so that if there is any difficulty His Majesty's aid may be asked.

V-3-j L. Copy S. (Spanish) 3pp. 4to.

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